Urgh. Today hasn't been the best of days. I woke up with a really wicked stomach ache this morning (at 9:30!) and no way of explaining it. Ate some oatmeal, 'cause it felt almost like hunger pains to the nth degree (without the rumbling stomach), and that seemed to help somewhat. I think I just haven't been putting enough food into my system the last few days (at least according to my body), so it decided to get me back. Kinda scary feeling, 'cause now I'm scared to be close to hungry, since it doesn't seem to have that in-between point.

Spent a bunch of time just chatting with the ex-, playing truth or dare online, of all things (it worked about as well as it sounds), and then did a bunch of reading for my exam today and then just mucked about the house. As I was reading, I had a moment of falling asleep, so I went and stretched out on the lawn (I'd been reading in the porch prior to that), and had a nap for a bit. It was a nice feeling.

Had a bit of an argument with the coworker about how I'm tired of hearing him complain about his job (more to it, but I don't feel like going into it), and my dad, based on my synopsis of it, seemed to agree with me. Dad and I had dinner together, some tasty chicken stirfry, then my stupid sister ate the leftovers that I was going to use for my lunch tomorrow. Ah well. Went for a bit of a walk, too; I was going to hit the bar near my place and just sit and do some writing, but it was a bit busy and I didn't much feel like sitting alone... seemed a bit too pathetic. Went into the Loeb, picked up an apple dumpling, some sour apple o's and some cash for tomorrow, and came home and went out for a bike ride (I got back in around 12:15 or so).

Called Dan, but got his voice mail on his cell, so I left him a message. I was supposed to call him earlier today about a movie possibility or something, but I didn't really feel up to going out. I'm playing the game (kinda), and I don't know that I want to be doing it. Saw him Monday night (which I'll write more about later), we chatted, he gave me his number so I gave him mine, and then I called him Wednesday night. Kept having to call him back, since things were busy on his end, and eventually just basically gave up and he went to bed. I crashed an hour or so later, and haven't spoken to him since then.

Of course, since I haven't seen L since last Saturday (he usually works Tuesdays and I took Tuesday off for school stuff), he's been on my mind a bunch. I think I wouldn't mind dating him, but that wasn't what he wanted, so... I also, probably wrongly, think that maybe L is smarter than Dan... but I haven't spoken to Dan much in depth, so it's hard to tell. It's a weird situation that I haven't been in for awhile... just trying to get to know someone new, and usually when he has all kinds of distractions around him. I'm not sure what to make of him; he's really insistent that I call, which is kinda cute. At the club, he was all "make sure you call me!" and then last night when I called him the first time, he had to be going out for a friend, so he asked me to call him back in 45 minutes, and he said "make sure you call me back!"... so I think he likes me. Either that, or he hasn't had any in awhile and is thinking I'll put out, especially since he's already seen me with my pants off. ;)

Other than that, today has been seriously uneventful. I'm going to do some reading and then hit the sack. I want to be up a bit early tomorrow if I can so I can get some laundry done and look nice; tomorrow night we're going out to celebrate J's last day (more or less) as a security guard at work, so that should be fun. It's going to be another evening of drinking and being run down on Saturday... but hey, it's a feature show from 12-3 and not regular programming, so it's a bit less work for me. Huzzah! :)

I'll finish writing up Monday's events sometime tomorrow, if it's not too busy at work... otherwise it'll be Saturday. That way you get all the boring details. ;) (Well, it was a decent evening, with some excellent conversation featuring Ben. It's always nice when you know someone well enough to just talk nonstop so your throat is raw, as I said before. :)

Night all, and here's hoping for a fun and potentially flirty tomorrow. :)

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