Eesh, I'm getting really bad at keeping this thing updated. Well, not too much going on in my life, for the most part... J still torturing me, coworker still being a tool, occasionally talk to the pizza guy and play catch up. Getting over the second UTI, hopefully this one'll stay away (which reminds me, need to call the clinic for the results of the culture). I think I'm basically recovered from the cold, which means time to start working on a news demo. What else?

Well, in my never-ending quest to become Di, I've now adopted two betta fish of my own. One is red, and one is blue. The red fish seemed to really like me in the store; he was all swimming around and looking at me and stuff, so I picked him. The blue fish was right next to him, and he seemed kinda sad and depressed, so I bought him, too. The blue fish's name is Dr. Seuss (figure it out, lemme know what you realize :), and the red fish's name is possible Dr. Zayus, or maybe Johnny Storm, I haven't completely made up my mind. They are currently residing here in J's house, above his aquariums of fish. They met my cats last night. The cats didn't seem to care too much about them one way or the other, although Digger was sticking his head in the tank when I opened it to feed them. I figure that was probably enough to give them a little fishie heart attack.

I'm continuing my quest to take over J's house, too. We bought some mini plants from Wal-Mart the other day, and now I have my fishies here, and there's the little stuffed beaver toy in his room... soon I will have taken over. Hehehe. >:) <-- evil smiley, for those of you who are into old school netting, before all this crazy "MSN Messenger" and "ICQ" came along, with their built-in smileys and all... I remember when we had to walk thirty miles in the driving snow and rain to get *our* internet connections... the snow was to the top of the telephone poles, and we had to walk on our hands -- uphill both ways! -- to save our shoes. If the dog was sick that day, you had to persuade your friend to run on the treadmill to feed the power to the generator so you could get a good running start at a connection, and the 300 baud modem that was used was pretty temperamental, so you had to whistle your connection and pray that it kept. Kids these days, don't know how damn easy they have it. They don't appreciate it, either! They complain when their precious "cable modems" or "DSL connections" are running slow because their "neighbours are online." Sheesh. In my day, we had our 300 baud modems and we were happy for it! Because the kids in the next town over didn't have it *near* as good, no. Y'know what they did for their Internet? Read a book! Yeah, that's right. They read a book about the Internet, or the stuff they wanted to look up on the Internet, and they were happy. Damn kids these days. They should all get a wuppin'.

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