Never know how or when to introduce various topics of conversation. It leads to my delaying a lot of conversations, believe you me. Especially when there just doesn't seem to be an appropriate moment. Sometimes you have to create them, like when I told my mom about my tattoo. Maybe that's just what I need to do here. I don't know... I tried before, and just didn't have the courage to follow through. A few weeks ago, somehow, it would've been easier. Now? It's more difficult and I don't know why. It should be easier, and yet it's not.

When is it too early to say things? When is it too late?

Well, this will probably be impetus enough. I don't know. Sometimes I can't post everything I'm thinking or feeling here, because there are various people I'm trying to protect. I know I've been told not to worry, but I still do. I always worry about what people think about me, and how they feel.

Time to go.

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