I can't believe how little content I've posted this month. Sorry about that. :)

Went shopping today before work and found a dress for the wedding this weekend, which is a relief. The one store I went into last week had absolutely nothing (didn't have a lot of time to look before my class started). This week, first store I went into, first dress I tried on, I liked, so I bought it, big discount and all that (original price, $49.99 plus tax, after discounts and taxes, I paid $27, I like), so that's that. Mom says I can wear black shoes with it, I don't need white ones, so that's good. Saves me some cash. I'm going to try to get my hair cut this week, since it needs it, and I was thinking of getting acrylic nails done to help me stop biting mine. It's only about $35 at this place right near work, so it's not the $60 I was half-expecting.

Went and saw Austin Powers 3 yesterday with J. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. Had some funny moments, but I don't think I enjoyed it as much as the others. I agree with the reviewers that said that Number 2 and Frau were reduced to background characters, and that's a bit of a shame. Some semi-lame stuff at the end, too. Worth the $27 it cost us to just see it? Hardly. Hell, that would practically pay for my first or second season of Sex and the City that I've decided I must collect. Also, now that M*A*S*H is out with its second season, I gotta collect that, too.

Picked up the Harry Potter DVD the other day. Technically, the only DVD player in the house is currently in Dad's computer, but I can work around that. :) I'm figuring to get a DVD-ROM when my dad does the computer upgrades in the next few weeks, so I can sit in my room and watch DVDs here, or at any of my friends' places that have DVD players hooked up to actual real TVs. :) I might just bite the bullet and buy a DVD player that I can take with me when I move out; I haven't entirely decided. That requires money that I definitely don't have. :P

I think I need to go back to the casino to win the money I require to pay for all my dreams. Enough of this working stuff; it's just not working out for me. :P For the length of time I've been doing the shit I've been doing, I should be making more money. At least, in my little world.

Did some shopping in IKEA today to get some lights for the fishies. That was a crowded pain in the butt, but not too bad. :)

Sometimes it feels like I'm placing myself where I might not be wanted. It's kinda frustrating/confusing, especially when I feel I'm starting to get a good idea of how I feel and what I want of things. Sometimes it feels like I'm the one making the moves, and that maybe I shouldn't be, or maybe they're not really wanted. So then I hold back, and get morose. It's stupid. Sometimes it feels like the shields are back in place, and I understand why, but it still bothers me.

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