Jen, your ideal sexual partner is a Type 2.

Type 2 partners have lots of experience, a never-ending reserve of creativity, and the same goal as you: ultimate pleasure. Having this in common opens the door for the two of you to play with all kinds of sexual possibilities until you hit upon combinations that are blissfully and uniquely yours.

Like you, the emotional connection — and the affection often expressed during sex — is secondary to the physical sensations for Type 2 people. That's not to say your match doesn't pay attention to your personal closeness and genuine caring, but it does tend to take a back seat to the physical feelings of pleasure.

Hmm.... kinda disagree with some of it, but ah well. :)

Type 2 partners are sexually curious and playful when it comes to sex and they're also bold and confident in asserting their sexuality. Your Type 2 match has an unusually potent sexual energy. Their sex appeal shines through naturally in just about anything they do — whether dressed to the nines or kicking around the neighborhood in sweatpants. Regardless of where they are, they turn heads with what they wear, how they move, and where they position themselves relative to others. There's just something about them that will draw you in. And thanks to a healthy dose of confidence, they won't be afraid to use it to both of your advantages.

Hmm... some of that type 1 stuff sounds more like me. But that sounds really vain. :)

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