Greetings from rainy Bedford, Nova Scotia. Trip's going well so far, minus the getting any sleep at any point, spent a big whack of money in Saint John (not Newfoundland, that's St. John's -- notice the differences? :)), and now I'm tooling around Halifax-Bedford-Dartmouth for awhile. Getting rid of the sister in two short days, and then there will be room to breathe in the cars. Huzzah! Here was the trip so far:

Tuesday, drove down to Saint John (about 14 hours in the car, including little stops here and there). Spent an hour or so in Bangor, Maine (not included in the overall trip time), and lost an hour in construction and accidents through Quebec. Stupid drivers. :P

Wednesday, shopped in MacAllister Place Mall, had a nap, visited the make-up lady and replaced my lipstick and got a new red one. Yay!

Thursday, drove to Bedford, got kinda settled in, went out to the Steak and Stein for dinner, and hung out some friends who are leaving this afternoon to go move into our place so they can visit one daughter and get another settled at school. Funny times. :)

J's living in my place now, taking care of the cats for me. Kinda funny -- Digger is apparently climbing all over him and waking him up at night, while Shadow is staying away and being all wound up and hyper. Digger's been through this stuff before, while this is Shadow's first time with all of us gone for any length of time, poor thing. My babies have traded personalities. :)

Anyhow, today is going to be mooching around the mall near Grandpa's place, as soon as I can get showered and fed and all. It's hard being here with Grandma gone... I know it's been nearly a year since she passed away, but this is the first time I've been in the house for 4 years, and the first year that she wasn't here. There have been some changes, and I think Grandpa's doing okay, but it was still weird for me. I thought I was okay, but that was back at my home. It's different here at hers.

I'll be writing some more on my own time and posting it later, this is just a quick update for now. Sister's busy hovering over my shoulder waiting for her chance to use the computer, so I'll finish it off now.

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