31. My neck, particularly the sides and back, are very sensitive and I love the feeling of having teeth scraped across it or slightly moist kisses placed on it.
32. The cartiledge in my ears are also sensitive, and respond well to nibbles or light tongues.
33. I love when guys have sensitive nipples.
34. I love when the guy I love looks at me with lust in his eyes.
35. I love when the guy I love looks at me with love and tenderness in his eyes, like I'm the most important person to him at the time, or like I make him incredibly happy just by being me.
36. I love waking up and seeing the guy I love lying next to me.
37. I rarely wear makeup unless it's a special occasion.
38. I keep gifts, even cheap ones, long past when I probably need to.
39. I still have pretty much all of my stuffed animals.
40. I like to do logic problems to keep my mind sharp.
41. I like to cross stitch.
42. I would like to have a guy approach me, as a result of eye contact I've given, to flirt with me; it's never happened.
43. I wish my future fiance would propose to me on bended knee, in a location that's special to both of us, preferably with us both dressed up.
44. I want a casual wedding, but with my fiance/husband in a suit or tux and me in a fairly traditional white wedding gown. I don't want an expensive, elaborate wedding.
45. I want to have all my remaining grandparents at my wedding.

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