I want someone to make love to me, and take the time to drive me wild, make me crazy with wanting. Tease me and please me so that I'm practically begging for the next step. Learn what makes me crazy and what slows me down, and make good use of it. Tie me up and blindfold me so that I can't see what's going on, and talk to me the whole time, encourage me to be vocal and talkative with you.

Spend time on my neck, my shoulders, my ears... my face, my lips. Make your way slowly down my body, with occasional 'advance previews' of gentle touches or caresses on the other parts of my body awaiting attention. Stroke my legs, my arms gently. Run just the tip of your finger across my collarbone or down my side. Find out what makes me moan (like gently scraping your teeth along the right moistened part of my neck) and what makes me squirm and what makes me feel cherished and loved.

Don't rush things. Let me feel the press of your body against mine, the feel of the hair on your body abrading the soft and sensitive parts of mine. Use your lips and tongue lightly; what you think is a teasing pressure is to me just perfect. See and feel me arch towards your touch and bite my lip as I wordlessly beg you for more; more of the same, more pressure, more everything. Make me verbally beg for it but not answering my body's pleas.

Let me feel your palms against my back or feet, just stroking gently. Those touches make me feel cared for, warmed from the inside out, and comforted. I love the feel of your hands across my waist and abdomen, or smoothing down my sides. Alternate between the full press of your palm or the gentle tickle of just your fingertip; keep me guessing.

Once things start getting more intense, however, don't neglect those places that bring me the most pleasure. Focus on those, read my body's responses to you. Arching my back towards you, holding my breath, moaning gently or moving to follow your hand is a good sign; me flinching, not responding, or making little painful grunts isn't. If you don't know; ask. I'd love to tell you how much what you're doing to me feels good.

Use your mouth and tongue to tease me; be careful with your teeth. They're not very nice on anyplace sensitive on my body. All it takes is some gentle licking, and I'm pretty much yours. I'll let you know when it's time for more. Make me beg to have you inside of me. Make me want that more than anything else you're doing to me. Make me come a few times before you'll take me, if you'd like. Or make me wait to come until you do take me. You're in charge.

Realize that whatever you do to me, I'm likely to do to you in spades. I like to return favours, and I like to please you. You don't have to please me first in order to get that, but it certainly helps your cause. Sometimes I want nothing but to drive you out of your mind, and receive nothing but that pleasure from it; other times I want you to do the same to me. Focus on me and set aside your own physical needs, at least for awhile.

But above all... talk to me. Tell me how sexy I look, smell, and feel. Tell me how much you love to kiss me, hold me, taste me and touch me. Make me feel loved, and sexy, and wanton. Make me feel like I'm driving you crazy just by the way I respond to your touch. I want to feel like you're as crazy to have me as you're making me. I want to later tie you up and blindfold you and make you beg for me, the way you're making me beg for you. I want to share that connection and experience that chemistry. I want to feel crazy and frantic and desperate and feel like you're the only thing that can satisfy me. I want you to feel the same way about me. I want to feel sexy and loved.

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