1. Majority.
In order to call shotgun, the majority of people must be in sight of the vehicle. This includes the driver.
2. Shotgun.
The first person to say "shotgun" (or other acceptable terms such as shot or shotty. Words that do not have 'shot' in them, such as 'gun' are not acceptable.) in its entirety gets shotgun.
3. Partial trip.
The person who is riding shotgun is entitled this position until the stated destination. eg. if traveling across town a stop is made at a food store, upon exiting the store shotgun is still in effect.
4. Respect.
Significant others of the driver or other people related (non siblings) to the driver need not call shotgun.
5. Greasy Puerto Rican.
If called, the caller must know what it means and must get to the door first.
6. Drivers Preference.
Driver has final say in any shotgun case.

Shotgun Fallacies.
No return trip rules are valid.
Although one may be outside, shotgun cannot be called unless in sight of the vehicle, even in crowded areas such as a parking lot.
Shotgun is not allowed to be called from inside any permanent, fixed structure.

Shotgun's Jobs
Shotgun is the disc jockey. (Driver has final say in music)
Shotgun holds anything picked up. eg. videos, pizza, etc.
Shotgun can be used as cup holder for first five minutes of trip but no longer. However, during a long trip, shotgun can be used in short durations but is not to be abused.

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