Something to clarify from last night's post; I don't resent the fact that J reads my site. However, sometimes it's frustrating that, so long as I continue to post in the manner to which everyone is accustomed, he has a pretty much direct insight into my mind on issues (like this breakup, for a prime example). He gets to know basically exactly what I'm thinking (if I post in that manner, which I usually do). But... I have nothing reciprocal. No idea what's going on; if I'm missed, if it's even noticed I'm not around, if I'm missed more as a friend or as a girlfriend, or what.

Distance apparently equals space I'm being given. Things have picked up for him at work, which is good for him, although it seems to be all dull meetings.

Anyhow, early morning class today, can't go into much detail, but there isn't much detail to be had; simply that.

I've decided on the name for my other fish; his name will be Storm, short for Johnny Storm. Poor guy, to go so long, ambiguous about his identity. Always in limbo: "Am I Johnny Storm, or am I Dr. Zeas?" Well, now he knows. There is Dr. Seuss (who keeps making me a bit concerned; maybe I keep walking in when he's napping, I don't know), and Storm. Storm is the one that lost a piece of his fin. I live in fear of walking in one day and finding one of them dead; I think I'd find that utterly depressing.

Maybe I'm just emotional. Let's hope I don't cry today.

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