And yet I don't feel jealous or upset when he says that they've shared the "I love you"s. So, I make no sense in my head. :P

And I forgot the Shadow story: last night, settled in to bed, she starts walking around on me on top of the covers, then comes to my right-hand side (I was lying on my stomach) and tunnels under the covers, as she often does. My sweatshirt had ridden up a little bit, exposing about two inches of skin, which was getting quite the tickling as she was nosing around and crawling over to my other side, so that now she is on the edge of my bed that is not up against a wall. I was a little worried she might get pushed off in the middle of the night, and maybe she was as well, because she settled down next to me and draped her paws on my back. When I sleep on my stomach (my usual sleeping position), I have one knee drawn up; well, because of where she was placed, I couldn't quite get comfortable, so I wound up turning so I was facing away from her. When I did this, she moved her paws (obviously, I didn't give her much choice) and placed them against my back and flexed them a bit. I think this was the "don't turn anymore, or don't roll over on me" warning. :)

It was very nice having her snuggled up against my side, her fur tickling me and making me laugh. It was a nice pick-me-up after writing the paper all night and being slightly stressed about the exam, which affected my sleep. I woke up later in the night, pressed up against the wall, with her smack-dab in the middle of my bed. When there's a lump in my bed, I tend to do my best to negotiate around it, but in this case, I guess she moved me around. ;)

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