Well, I'm feeling somewhat less insane. That may be due to catching up on sleep, or depriving myself of sleep, or getting some assignments done and handed in, or finishing off my period. Any way you look at it, I think I'm doing a bit better.

I was thinking last night, after my second evening spent watching Sex and the City until 3 a.m. (did I mention, I got my 3rd season discs in the mail the other day? It's been a wild party!), that maybe I am like Samantha, as my girlfriend D keeps telling me. Not that I'm having conquests all the time or emotionless sex on a regular basis (okay, on any basis), but in my openness and willingness to discuss anything and everything anywhere, whether it's my life or not. I mean, I honestly don't care if that person sitting behind us on the bus hears that I had wild and crazy sex last night and the details -- maybe it'll inspire them to some craziness of their own!

At the same time, I think I'm part Carrie and Miranda as well; I don't know if there's any Charlotte in me. I'm Carrie in her crazy life, her boyfriends she's hung up on (although I never slept with my Big while dating Aidan), and her writing. I think I would really enjoy being a columnist, especially if I got to write the way she does -- on basically whatever she wants.

And I'm Miranda in her cynicism, and sometimes in her pessimism. I'm generally an optimist, though... maybe that's how I'm part Charlotte. I'm an open, cynical, optimistic, romantic, insane writer. :)

I think that's why Sex and the City appeals to so many women. Okay, why it appeals to me; I can see elements of each of the characters in myself and others, and I can empathize with their situations. The coworker and I used to watch some of the old seasons together, sometimes with his roommate, and they were both unanimous in their detest for Miranda and her ways. There's an episode in the second season where she fakes orgasms with one guy because he just isn't doing anything that works for her. Coworker and his roommate were totally against this, and basically couldn't understand why a woman would do such a thing -- I could, and just couldn't seem to explain it in such a way that 'satisfied' them (pun intended).

I also like that it shows real (albeit thin and beautiful) women eating real food, and dealing with real issues. There's an episode in the fourth season where (again) Miranda is dating a guy who goes to the washroom with the door open (and I'm not talking just peeing here), and she just can't deal with it. Or in the third season, Charlotte dates a man who's a horrible kisser, and she breaks up with him for it. It's nice to see that there are other women (okay, actresses) dealing with their own quirks when it comes to relationships and men, and it means that as viewers, we don't have to feel guilty about having the same or similar issues.

I'd think of more to say on the subject, but I'm cold and I have to get moving to get to work. And Digger wants the rest of his breakfast or something, and the fishies are hungry. It's never-ending at my little menagerie. :)

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