Too weird, it looks like some of the comments have disappeared off my site. :( Who's deleting their comments?!

Ah well. So tired. Nice dinner last night with the folks... mentioned to them I think I might have SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder -- when you get really depressed because of the changing over to fall/winter). I was saying that last fall/winter I was never totally 'up' until spring, and in the fall I had a whole bunch of crap going on, but in the winter, not really... and now it seems to be happening again, so... So I'm not sure what the next step is. I was saying I could try getting one of those lamps (a full spectrum lamp, I found out) and see how it goes... I know there are prescribed times to use it and all that, but I also know at least two people who have them, so I could find out all the info and just see if it helps.

Then my dad started making jokes about how we could set it up in the basement and also grow pot down there. He was saying that all the extra electricity is going to obviously cost money, so this way we could grow pot and make a profit, or at least break even. Then I made the joke that if the lamp didn't work out, at least I could smoke the pot and feel better that way. And this was a good family dinner. ;)

Hung out with R last night, who was in town. I got the pity visit, 'cause I happened to reply to his email and he called me up. ;) We were trying to get together with Ben, but couldn't get a hold of him, so we figure he was with his girlfriend and therefore out of reach. R and I drank at the bar for a bit, and because it's been since my birthday since I got drunk, and since D's birthday since I've had any alcohol (essentially a month), I was a very cheap drunk. :P Then went over to Denny's for dessert, since I hadn't had any with my family's dinner, and brought my dad back a slice of pumpkin pie. Good times, fun conversation as always.

Sunday night I got together with Big A, finally met his dog. Gave the pup a scratch for about two hours straight, so I'm now his new best friend, I think. :) It was good seeing Big A again... we got cheesecake after I finished my shift and just chatted all over the place; people, pets, and all the rest. We're going to start hanging out more, I think... life last year just got stupid for both of us, so we had to take time for that, as opposed to each other, unfortunately.

What else? The weekend was pretty quiet overall. Tonight is going to be slightly stressful, since I have to get some reading done and write a paper, and still get up tomorrow by 6:30 for an exam... crap! I have to do some studying for that, as well. :P It's "do 2 of 5 essay questions" so I don't think I'll be in a lot of trouble, but still... argh.

Hooray for school. :P I always forget the constant mild panic of never being fully-caught up on my readings, and worrying all the time about making sure I'm making payments to everything I owe on... *sigh* Ah well, just a few more months to go, and then I can either move on to just work, or part-time school, or another degree and bunch of debt. Yay!

Anyhow, time to get ready for class. Maybe we'll get our women and media papers back... I really do hope that the TA was teaching the course on Friday; otherwise I'll feel bad that we missed it. :P And Friday is the university day, so this week has been a really short week!

And the Bay has their Christmas decorations out for sale already -- I saw them last week in one of the hallways connecting it to the mall. Argh! It wasn't even freaking Thanksgiving yet, let alone Hallowe'en or Remembrance Day! If there are three major days before the holiday you have your decorations out for, then you have them out way too early. Admittedly, it was for sale, not for decorating the store, but it's just a slippery slope. :P

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