Wow, that site is getting some nice hits. It's been up what, about a week or so? And it's at 86 hits last I checked (a few minutes ago). Ben has offered to send the link around to some of his friends, and I invite you all to do the same! It's simply this site that's a bit more hidden... the ex- has the URL to Whore's Boudoir, but not this one, for example. Coworker might know one of the links, not sure. Ah well, no use in worrying about it now.

Anyhow, I've discovered a new playground, about a five- to ten-minute walk from my work, and it's a lovely little place; a nice little sex shop that's really funky and nicely set up. Well, I say I discovered it; I knew of its existence long ago, I just never actually went. I've told Ben I'm going to have to take him there. ;) I picked up a copy of Bust magazine... I have the book, but never got around to getting the mag, so I figured it was time, and a paperback copy of the Kama Sutra; just the writings, no pictures. We'll see what I learn. ;)

Caught Bowling for Columbine today with Ben... interesting flick, took me from wanting to cry at times to laughing out loud -- well, the whole theatre was laughing out loud for good portions of it. Ben and I discussed his portrayal of Canadians, and there was a fair bit of it that we disagreed with, but when he was talking to the teenagers from Sarnia, Ontario, I realized, "Hey, we do have accents... those kids sound like us." It was a weird moment, 'cause I'd never before really compared our accents to others; I mean, sure, people from the Southern U.S. or Maine have accents, and yes, East Coasters in Canada have accents, but Ontarians? Not really. But we do. :)

Yes, I realize that's not the message I was supposed to pull from the movie, but it's way past time for me to be in bed, and I'm aiming that way very shortly. I just had those very brief updates to say (a few more: got 91/100 on our Audience Research paper, and tomorrow I get the midterm mark back from Public Relations and my mark back on the first Scary Class (i.e., Theories of Communications) reading log) and a title to offer up for Friday's article: "Fit to be tied." ;)

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