Ah, life is funny. Someone else at work has sorta renewed his clandestine sex offer (and this is someone other than L); only problem is that this guy "has a girl." So, he just said it was "interesting" that I was between guys at the moment.

Sheesh. When it rains, it pours. Too bad it's not the clouds I want that are raining. Or something like that. ;)

Good chats with J from work, my coworker. I always enjoy talking to him; he's one of the few adults (i.e., people that are >10 years older than me) that I can talk to the same way I talk to my friends, and I really appreciate it.

Chatted with Vicki last night for a bit, and let her know that there was someone there for her if she needed it. I know I'm not in the same group of her friends that went to high school and knows all the details, but there are aspects of what I read that parallel my life (especially as it relates to Scott or some of what happened with her Allan), so I just hope if she does need someone to talk to, she feels comfortable talking to me. I'm good at keeping things to myself, especially lately. :P :) And I've also agreed to kick Scott on her behalf, so it's all good. Boys are stupid. :P

I'm getting over my soreness from the skating, feeling a lot better than before. I no longer walk around work like I got fucked hard and long. ;) Dammit. ;)

Last night, I could barely keep my eyes open after dinner. I think eating a real meal for a change just screwed up my system, but I went to bed around quarter to ten, and set my alarm for the same time in the morning. I woke up somewhat when my dad was in the shower, and felt Digger snuggled up against me, then didn't get up again until my alarm went off. The kitties were all whiny at me this morning, especially Digger, so I kept picking him up for a quick squeeze and kiss. He doesn't like to be held, but he'll tolerate it for brief periods of time. :)

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