And a new article goes up, Ex Relations. This one is more in the relationship vein; I figure what with the number of sex articles I've been posting, I should balance it off with one from the other side of the coin. :) I'm also debating changing the name of the site to "The Drunken Whore," but I'm not sure. I wish I knew enough HTML to make it the way I want, but I'm also terrible at graphic design, so... I guess it's best to either go with what Blogger gives me, or wait for someone to design something for me. :)

Next few days might not see much in the way of content here, unless it's of the "holy fuck do I have a lot to write" variety. :) Here's the next few papers:

November 14th, 7-8 page paper for Greek Mythology. Have I picked a subject? No.
November 20th, 2500-word reading log for Theories of Communications. Have I started the readings? No.
November 20th, 2000-word essay for Public Relations. Got an extension on the date. Picked a subject, too!
November 26th, poster session for Audience Research. 'Cause this is fucking important, too. Arse.
November 27th, 3500-word essay for Theories of Communications. Urgh.
November 29th, 5-page synthesis paper for the final section of Women and Media. Didn't I just finish one of these? Yeah. Arse.

And that's just off the top of my head; I may have the dates wrong. And that doesn't include the crap I have to turn in in December, too. Arse.

I think that's my new favourite word for this stuff: arse, arse, arse, arse, arse.

And of course, that doesn't include the online stuff (haven't started, waiting for a good weekend), and the regular articles and such I'm trying to churn out. Arse. The problem is, I feel like the first condoms article was the best one I've written so far, and I keep trying to top it, or at least match it. Urgh. Ah well. Keep reading, and thanks for doing so. :)

*grin* Oh yes, and if my challenger can come up with a suitable offer for the likely event (yes, I said likely event) of me winning a bet we're tossing around, then that aspect of life might get very interesting, or very twitchy. I finally found someone dumb^H^H^H^Hbrave enough to take me on in a Master of Your Domain bet. ;) Details to follow, if he doesn't kill me for posting this. ;)

On that subject, take a poll in the comments section! Should I, or shouldn't I? ;)

Votes should be: Yes, No, or "Hell yes, I'll join you!" :)

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