Been communicating with the webmaster of LoveInk.com, and he wants me to send him weekly articles!


He said that I'm obviously very talented and should be doing more than just writing for websites. Sweet, eh? :)

And a reply to Jay's comments:

First of all, it's womEn in media. :p

Second of all, in reply to this:

"I guess they teach you in "WomYn in Media" that the best way to effect change and influence people is to completely disregard the arguements of anyone who may have a differing viewpoint. Unbridled rage channeled into dogmatic self-reinforcing misconceptions and reverse discrimination is how you get things done!"

I wasn't saying that it's a case of completely disregarding the arguments of people with a differing viewpoint. What I'm saying is that just like we can't understand what it feels like to go biking with balls, you can't understand the treatment that we get. You don't get treated like you can't figure out how to turn on a computer when you call IT support, and you don't have your boss walk in and start talking to your male coworker for answers to what's going wrong when you're trying to explain it to him. You have a penis! Therefore, there is a whole section of society that automatically treats you better. I'm not saying everyone does it, because that's not true. I'm not saying that it happens every day, because that's not true either. I'm saying it happens, and it's something that you can't see or understand until it starts happening to you because you're a guy.

I'm also saying, please don't tell me it doesn't happen or it's not that bad or I'm making too much of it, because that's not true either. I didn't say I went around super-angry and man-hating all the time because of this. I'm saying every now and then I get really upset by things I see, read, hear, or experience, and that's what this stemmed out of.

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