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Run down of yesterday:

Chatted with Mark on the phone during my shift until 10. Called up young Mark to see if he wanted to geek out tonight, he was all for it, we arranged to meet at the bus station and bus out to get my (Mom's) car together, then get food, etc. On the bus, Ben calls, asking if I'm busy tonight; I tell him I'm on my way over to his house. S'funny, we laugh. Get to the bus station, still chatting with Ben, sorting things out, arrange to go pick him up from work after we finish all the running around. Mark hasn't arrived yet, call his house, he's not there, no big deal, he shows up a few minutes later. We get on the bus, go get the car, go out to the grocery store for cat food and munchies.

While we're there, I see a guy I knew from elementary school/high school. We say hi, ask what the other's doing; I'm finishing university and working in radio, he's working as a dishpig and up on fraud charges for making credit cards. Nice. He asks who my "husband" is, pointing to Mark, and while Mark is trying to say that he's my friend, this guy starts telling his friend that, "Oops, watch him be like the brother or something. No, the cousin!" which turned into, "Jen's dating her cousin!" He then went and ran into a stockboy, who he promptly told, "those two are cousins and they're dating! He's her cousin and he sticks his weiner in her!" And Mark overheard something about how he plugs me. Guy continued to tell people at the checkout as he paid and left, entertaining the cashier and whatnot. I wasn't especially impressed, mainly 'cause it was just so stupid.

Nonetheless, continued on from there to order and pick up nachos, chatted with the pizza guy's ex-roommate for a bit, he seems to be doing okay. Afterwards, finally got out on the road to pick up Ben. It was about 20 after 1 by the time we connected. Went over to Ben's place, ate some more nachos and Ben ordered pizza, which I ate about a half slice of; my body had finally decided, "Okay, you had nachos, so yeah, you are full. Well done!"

Anyhow, someone put on American Movie, 'cause we were no longer in the mood to geek out. I was feeling kinda tired and the movie didn't absorb me, so I kept closing my eyes, but everytime I opened them, Ben was staring at me, trying to figure out it I was asleep or not, and doing the same to Mark. Needless to say, I'd have fallen asleep much earlier if he hadn't kept doing that. ;) I did drift off, 'cause when I woke up it was 3:30 in the morning and Ben had turned the movie off since both Mark and I had passed out. He went over and was on the computer for a bit, and I settled down more comfortably and Mark started flipping channels. He got up at one point and came back down, and I fell asleep completely and woke up around 5. Went home, back to bed. Digger settled in with me, he was still there when I woke up this morning, so we had a nice pat. :)

Anyhow, major stress on the papers I have due this week, especially as I don't know how the hell I'm going to do the first two. My thoughts on the first one just aren't going to pan out I think, and that sucks serious ass, since it's due tomorrow and that's been with an extension. Argh. Much class and work skippage is going to happen to accomodate all of this damn writing I have to do. :P

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