A few important updates (well, not really important, but fun to mention):

I won the bet!


Who da man? Dat's right, I'm da man! And da lady.

(I restrained from putting blink tags around all of that. ;))

Last night was spent celebrating, not for very long though, since it was late, or early, dpending on your point-of-view. That was nice... :)

So today is pretty much a wash as far as school work goes, but I'm still going to give it a shot.

I think Shadow's mad at me on Digger's behalf. I woke up at 11 to go to the bathroom, then I woke up again at 2 to go to the bathroom again, and I could hear Digger howling outside like he was stuck up a tree or in pain or something. He just really wanted in, since he'd been out since likely about 8 or 9. So he came in and wanted all kinds of attention and food and stuff like that, and he's forgiven me, but I think she's still pissed. She hasn't purred at all... and literally as I finished typing that sentence she ran in my room, jumped on my lap and started purring, so I think I'm forgiven all around. :)

I got three of my Ebay purchases, one of them yesterday, two of them (from the same person), today. The two I got today are a Wrinkles moose, and a Wrinkles elephant. I want to give the elephant to my aunt on one level 'cause I'm sure she'd love it, but I also want to keep it for myself 'cause it's too cool. :) I have another moose and small moose that I ordered, I'll probably give those to her, and give this one to my sister, 'cause this one is an exact copy of my aunt's first one, and I don't think she wants twins. :)

So, yeah. I think that's all for now, especially since I have yet to really do anything today. :)

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