I hate Christmas.

Okay, not quite true. I hate the people in the shopping malls who've decided that putting up decorations for Christmas before Hallowe'en, is a good idea. I hate the people who decided that playing Christmas music today was a good idea!


What else? I had the singing bus driver on the way to work yesterday, so that put a big grin on my face, even though the weather was poo and I was nearly late to work. :P

Today has been okay... I fell asleep in class, then tuned back into the conversation in time to hear the prof talking about how branding sells us hope and companies/corporations are selling hope to us as consumers through branding. Keeping in mind, this is the same prof that has sworn multiple times in class -- had in fact, said "fuck" about five minutes before I asked this question -- and used vast amounts of colloquial language, and I know him from work as well as school. So, I hear this and stick up my hand and ask, "How are we supposed to feel/react (I don't remember my exact words) when corporations are selling us hope on the one hand, and are bending us over and screwing us on the other?"

I didn't think it was that offensive, and neither did he, since he promptly responded and we went back and forth on it for a minute or two (badchoice of words when coupled *groan* with... never mind, I give up), but apparently vast numbers of people behind me were simply stunned by my word choice. Sheesh. Puritans. ;) Lord knows I've said worse in that and other classes before, but maybe it was that I went from asleep to awake and asking that that upset them. :)

Nonetheless... Friday was fun, as I said. Saturday I went over to Ben's place after work and we kinda watched Hackers. I say kinda 'cause him and the youngster talked throughout it, so there was much movie that got missed. And I was tired, so I wasn't paying terribly close attention. Ben fell asleep somewhere after the flick, like 2 or so, then the youngster and his friends and I played GTA3: Vice City until about 5 in the morning, when it was time for bed. Okay, seriously past time for bed, but... ah well. Youngster's friend was asking me for a lift home, or hoping to mooch one, but as it was way too late and I was exhausted and the roads were shit and I have less than a great deal of experience driving in those conditions, I said no. He probably thinks poorly of me, since I didn't spell it out very well, but I'm still too tired to be overly concerned.

Woke up around 9, couldn't get back to sleep. Sunday wasn't too painful in spite of the lack of rest, but... urgh. I love seeing Ben's family dynamics; they're just really awesome together, at least the three brothers. I don't know his folks very well, and I've never met his older sister, but the three of them together are fun. Well, if you ignore the farting and the beating each other up and throwing food at one another and showing off the food they're eating and such, but I'm assuming that's part of being male. Which is why I'm only having girl babies. The boys will be sold into slavery.

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