I like getting mentions on other people's sites. :) Especially when someone's saying they like me, when I wasn't sure if maybe I was freaking her out or making her uncomfortable with what I was saying, but I guess not. :) It was neat having someone else say, "It's the ones that can make you come that are harder to get over." Especially when, for awhile, it seemed as if all of my female friends were able to come at the drop of a hat, and I couldn't.

Got my restraints yesterday, that was cool. I wore them the whole time I was at work, under my sweater, just to get a feel for them, try to help break them in. They were actually quite comfortable once I got used to the weight of them on my wrists. Mind you, I wasn't playing with them a lot, so I imagine they'll chafe at first, but for now they're cool.

What else? Urgh. I'll finish this later. :)

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