Lord almighty... the bet is down to me and the youngster. Yeesh.

I gotta outlast him... otherwise I just *know* the ribbing I'll get. Argh!

I'm giving him my Victoria's Secret catalogue tomorrow, see if that helps. ;)

I have to win! But I have to lose soon... otherwise I may never get a good night's sleep. Argh.

Tallies as they stand, since some of us started at different times:
Contestant #1: Started Monday, November 11th, removed himself Saturday, November 16th: Total, 6 days.
Contestant #2: Started Monday, November 11th, 'was removed' (*snort*) Sunday, November 17th...: Total, 7 days.
Contestant #3: Started Thursday, November 14th, has yet to be persuaded to lose. Total: 6 days and counting.
Contestant #4: Started Monday, Novembre 11th, has yet to persuade someone else to lose, and is not giving up. Total: 9 days and counting.

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