It's funny that it's the little things that people say that can mean the most. I've heard a few of them lately, but it's been the simplest one that's meant the most; two different people have called me a writer.

It always makes me pause and want to argue it when people say it, because I don't consider myself a writer, even though that's really what I do the most of lately (well, that or possibly bitch about how I'm not getting any. ;)). A number of people have asked me if I plan to do anything commercially-oriented with my writing -- submitting it to a school newspaper or something of the sort. It's definitely a thought that has more weight to it than before, I think.

I got back my second women and media paper yesterday, got an 85 on it. Not bad, not as good as the last one (or as good as my gf's), but I wasn't especially concerned about it. I put less opinion and less me into this one, so perhaps that's what stuck me this time around. She read over mine and laughed a number of times, even suggested I post it online for everyone else to enjoy. My concern with doing so is that someone else might co-opt my thoughts/ideas/turns of phrases for use in their own submissions. I suppose I should give some thought to that with my articles or whatnot, but I doubt too many profs are asking for a 700-word treatise on condoms, so I figure that's pretty safe to offer up.

I think guys are improving as I age, even the young ones. Either that or I'm finally being exposed to a better class of people, but there are definitely some quality ones out there, and I'm really glad I know them. I feel they're improving me and I just hope I'm contributing something, however minor, in a positive manner to their lives as well. I hope for really good things for these people. Other people, well... they have to make their own paths. Some of them have had so many opportunities handed to them, it seems unfair for those of us who've had to work for things. :P

The snow is melting today, and the sun is shining brightly, so this is making me happy. The gloomy days can be fun to observe, but I'm learning that I'm not especially fond of driving in the snow. The advantage is that the non-power steering of the car turns much more easily, but I can't drive as fast as I like to, and even at 30 km/h or lower, there are skidding problems. Once that car becomes mine, it's getting snow tires in the winter; none of these all-weather tires bullshit.

Anyhow, I have to start getting ready for the day. After pulling 2500 words out of my assorted body parts for a school paper due today, it seems all of the bottled-up ones are finally able to spill forth. Either that or I'm simply much more adept at casual writing than formal responses to readings. Mind you, that may also have something to do with me not having really read all the material or even totally understanding it. But hey, if I get another B on this paper and the one due next week (argh!) and even manage to do well on the exam... I'm treating myself to a serious weekend of depravities and such. Since my first possible weekend off is immediately after the paper and there are already mad plans semi-in the works, this may work out very well. Heheh. :)

Okay, I'm gone. There will be more later, I'm sure. I'm feeling wordy today. :)

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