Some more quick thoughts:

The day improved somewhat after that. Ran into the piercer on my way to work, so we chatted for a bit and he told me to call him... I wonder if he even remembers my name?

While at work, I was feeling a bit weird, so I decided to not go to my evening class. Mark was chatting with me from work, as were Greg and my friend R, so that helped me perk up somewhat. Came home and chatted with Mark some more, and J and I talked it out and came to an understanding. Turns out it was a misunderstanding all around, so that situation has improved.

Thank you, though, Mad. I still owe you email, I know.

I wrote my article, finally got that posted (and revised; the first version was a lot more me-oriented, which I was trying to avoid), and then wound up spending a good chunk of the evening talking to N, since I finally went and installed Trillian; Yahoo Messenger just didn't want to run with my new configuration, so now I have access to everything, and I think I like Trillian okay... at least the skins and stuff seem a bit nicer than myJabber. Chatting with N was funny, but in a good way; there was some mutual admiration going on, and it was nice for the ego. :)

I won all the eBay auctions that I entered, and for pretty cheaply, too; I don't think they went up much after I applied, which rules. :)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I was feeling better, and that the next little while should be interesting around here. And maybe even a good kind of interesting... I'm just not sure how much of it will actually appear online, but we'll see.

Oh yeah, and Jay and I are going to check out Club SuperSexe if we do go to Montreal this Christmas, so that rocks! :)

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