Ah, it feels good to get things done. Four course requirements completed; five if you count the Gonq thing. Just have one paper to write for tomorrow, which I might actually get to if my mom would leave me alone for five minutes. Argh!

First, it's "are you ever getting up today?" Okay, so it was like, 1:30 and I was still in bed reading, but I mean, c'mon!

Then it was, "If you're going to have a shower, you'd better do it now." and "Change your sheets, they're disgusting."

So I do that, then it's, "Go get dressed, I need your help wrapping Christmas gifts."
I'm all, "Well, my breakfast is downstairs, I need to eat that."

She's talking to me as I'm eating, talking about errands I can help her do (wrap Christmas gifts, get something for Puppy (her dad), go to Wal-Mart with her to buy other stuff). I figure it sounds like a done deal, not a question.

I eat, Shadow crawls into my lap, I'm reading, Mom comes down and is all, "Go get dressed, blah blah blah."

I'm upstairs, want to finish my routine, she knocks on my door no less than like, 3 times with the same orders (in the space of less than five minutes!), and I'm all like, "Go away, I want to finish reading my friends' sites!" Argh. At least she's not grouchy at me anymore. :)

Tempers in my household are funny. My mom and dad each will flare hot and be pissed at you, but then it's over twenty minutes later. Well, Dad'll get *really* pissed and then he's your best friend again. With Mom, it's less angry, but it lasts longer. So, I got the best of both; I'll flare hot like Dad and sometimes hang onto it for awhile, like Mom. Depends on how I get pissed off.

Only person that can consistently make me lose my temper though, is my sister. She and I have had screaming fights at each other; I've only lost my temper on two (or three) other occasions, two of which were in high school. And they've always been really brief; like, *snap*, then it's over.

Ah well. Yesterday Moose and I arranged to go Christmas shopping; I called him at quarter to 1 and he was still recovering from his post-birthday celebrations with his friends. So I started running my errands, and then he called. Had to go get and oil/filter change done on the car, and I swear the guy ahead of me needed his engine rebuilt about four times. :P Ben called while I was waiting, and I arranged to meet him at the mall with Moose. Turns out we were stupid late because of the guy ahead of me, but Ben was even later, so it all worked out.

We didn't really get much shopping done until we got rid of Moose; I bought myself a book, did some perusing, but didn't find anything really good. Moose was going out with his folks as another post-birthday celebration (with less alcohol), so Ben and I dropped him off then hopped around the city doing some more shopping. Picked up a DVD for my dad, got Moose's gift, then went over to Chapters and bought some books for various other people. Ran into Lucas and Kim at Chapters, so Ben and I chatted with them for awhile before heading over to rent a DVD and chill at his place.

Got some Chinese food, watched Robin Williams Live on Broadway, then partway through Moose and folks came home. Ben fell asleep partway through (big surprise!), and after it was over, Moose and I moved downstairs to watch Dirty Dancing. Awesome movie, haven't seen it in awhile. :)

Now I'm just trying to find Mom's gift; Chapters.ca had it like, five days ago, now they don't. That pisses me off, especially since I couldn't find it in the store. :P

Argh. Now Mom's pissed at me 'cause it's taken so long. Fucking Christmas; I really hate it sometimes. :P

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