Argh. Must stop craving that which I shouldn't have, like chocolate.

On the other hand, got my other two papers back for my theories class, which was tonight's exam; got a B on the first reading log (way back), got an A on the second one, and a B+ on the big paper. So long as I didn't completely blow the exam, I should pass it this time around. Whee!

Sis is back in town. I came home from writing the exam to get the car, came upstairs and could hear her music before I even got off the main floor. Then I remembered, oh yeah, this is what it's like having her around. Should be an interesting few weeks.

Coworker was being a snarkass again today. J, the nice coworker, and I were joking around about I don't even know what -- probably something to do with getting sexual favours in exchange for the wine and wine bucket that he and tool got from the sales reps, I don't know... but somehow it was something about who I was sleeping with now, and I mentioned The Big Boss, and J laughed and said that he would believe it and he'd heard that rumour or something. Snarkass says something like, "well, whatever you have to do," and J and I were both facing away from him, and J rolled his eyes and looked at me, and I rolled my eyes and looked at him... and then almost laughed out loud and had to turn away. I have someone on my side, and it feels nice.

I make myself feel better by telling myself that he's just a lonely little boy who needs to be in on everyone's jokes and part of every conversation in order to be happy. Our boss was making fun of him today a little; saying that every email he sends sounds confrontational, but that if you read them in a Hank Hill voice (a particular talent of our boss'), then it's not so bad. It was nice to know that other people find his style of email confrontational; it's not something unique to me, reqardless of what the tool may have claimed.

I wish I knew.

That's not true.

I wish it was what I want.

Sometimes I wonder if that's what I really want, or if I've just convinced myself I do.


I'm exhausted. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to write my column, 'cause I don't think I could come up with anything tonight, at least nothing funny. It would just be maudlin.

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