Urgh. So fucked for tonight's exam.

I went to bed early last night (well, earlyish compared to the last few nights), and I finished rereading the Jennifer Crusie book, and then it was quarter to 2 and I was trying to get to sleep.

The cats took over my bed, so everytime I tossed and turned, I had to rearrange myself around them. I think Shadow got annoyed with that, 'cause at one point I woke up and she was gone but Digger was still there. Well, she got me back this morning when she woke me up, howling, outside of Mom and Dad's door, at 7:30 -- an hour before I had set my alarm to get me up. See, the door was shut, right, so she couldn't go in and jump on their heads or whatever she does. *grr* I couldn't get back to sleep. :P

God, so fucked for the exam. I almost wish it were first thing, so I could get it over; but then I would be even more seriously fucked because I haven't yet done any studying. Didn't get any transcribing done, so that's what today will be spent doing, in between uploading commercials and all that other exciting work stuff I do.

Anyhow, off to get ready. If I can leave the house even earlier than planned, that's more time to get work done. Or something.

If I get run over by a bus, can I get an exemption from my exam?


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