Decent day yesterday. I got up early, got into work later than intended. It drives me nuts sometimes having my mom and sister around in the morning -- throws off my whole scheduling thing. Mom said at five after 12 that she was leaving in ten minutes; we left at 1. Or thereabouts.

Anyhow, got downtown, did some shopping for a care package, then went into work. No sooner had I arrived than I spent ten minutes running around the building, talking to various people, trying to find a digital camera so that I could take pictures of Tom Cochrane, who was in for an interview. Finally found one, he introduced himself and shook my hand, then I took a few pics and that was that.

Afterwards, pretended to do some work for a bit (okay, so I really did get things done, like finished off The Gift of Christmas, got some songs uploaded), then was off to the lovely porn store with a friend. Found out that it could be the wires in my vibe that are broken and causing it to just stop dead (not fun!), so I have to check it with new batteries, and if not, I can bring it in for an exchange. Checked the receipt today, it was bought November 1st, so I'll within the 60 days still. Just can't keep dragging my ass, so to speak. ;)

Got some dinner and ran into an old friend from high school, who seemed weirder than I remembered. I thought he'd graduated (he was two years ahead of me), but apparently not, 'cause he said he was going back for his grade 12 and then planned on going to college. He's back to living at home, and his 5-year old daughter (born while I was still in high school) is doing well. He asks me what I'm doing, I'm like.. "uhhh... finishing up fourth-year university in communications, working more or less full-time, no kids..." It felt odd. I mean, not that I haven't been in situations like that before, but it still felt odd.

Ran into another high school friend the other day while I was waiting for the bus -- she spotted me and came over and hugged me. We only had a chance to say where we were going, and then my bus came, but I figure one day, along with all the other emails I have to finish off, I'll email her and say it was nice to see her, 'cause it was. :)

Then I went on a jeans-shopping expedition that I hadn't planned on doing, and found myself a nice pair of jeans... for $70. Ack! I've never paid so much for jeans, but I can never find them to fit because I'm not some scrawny anorexic person with no hips, thighs, or waist, and I really do need jeans (hand-sized holes, literally, make for poor day wear), so I coughed up the credit card and paid. My credit card bill is awful, but it's been worse. I just don't want to see it get that bad again. :P

Bussed home, had a slightly awkward conversation on the bus, then got the car and drove out to see Markuk and Greg. Sat around and chatted for awhile, watched some of a movie, and Greg got a phone call and disappeared upstairs. Markuk and I continued chatting, I managed to embarrass him with the discussion of some stuff I'd learned, which surprised me... I played some GTA 3, giggling as I ran people over (I can't help it, it makes me laugh), and then Madeleine came home. While she unwrapped a stained-glass nativity scene, we chatted (trying to convince Markuk that he wasn't gay ;) and eventually Greg came back downstairs and then we had a debate over the right way for the placement of a toilet seat (down, which Mad and I won), which Markuk sparked when he was talking about stupid arguments couples usually have... Anyhow, just after midnight everyone was fading and so it was time to go.

Called up Ben to see if his invite was still open, then headed over there and hung out with him and Moose. Still didn't get to play video games as Ben had hoped, but watched some crappy tv, Moose fell asleep on me and didn't drool on me, then I took off. I'd tried to write my article while there, but it didn't happen. Ah well, I think I know what I want to write, and if I don't, I'll make something else up. :)

As for how today goes, well, we'll see. Might try to get the car to go out and do some hanging out with Markuk and his coworkers, might just bus out that way and then cab home so's I can do some drinking. However, I'm going out Saturday night for sure, so drinking will likely occur then, so I don't need to do it now. Plus, I'm beyond broke, so... that's no good. :P

Today's telemarketer story: Phone rings at 10:30.
Me: "Hello?"
(Background noises)
Me: "Hello?"
Her: "Hello?"
(Me, mentally: Argh, I hate this joke, 'cause it's not funny.)
Me: "Yes?" (snotty tone)
Her: "Mrs. (garbled version of my last name)?"
Me: "Yes?"
Her: I'm calling from the blah blah blah Police Association.
Me: "Thank you, we're not interested."
Her: "Do you even know what it is you're not interested in?"
Me: (I forget)
Her: "It's for the something something circus."
Me: (I forget) ... but somewhere in here I said something about not being interested partly because they've called every day for the last three weeks.
Her: "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that anyone had called you before. I'll take you off the list for this year."
Me mentally: You do that. Me orally: "Thank you. Bye."

All of the above was said in my froggy, you-just-woke-me-up-you-bitch voice.

Funny thing, Mad was talking yesterday about how when you're doing phone surveys, there are various codes you enter depending on whether someone's line is busy, or whatever. I wonder if the same applies for people like that, so she would've been lying through her teeth when she said she hadn't known someone else called.

The thing that pisses me off the most about telemarketers is that they won't accept me telling them my folks aren't interested. As soon as they hear that my foilks are at work or busy, even if I ask if I can take a message or what it's in regards to, they won't listen. It annoys the crap out of me. The worst one was the guy that insisted on talking to my dad (at like, 7 or 8 at night) and I got him to identify where he was calling from, but when I asked if I could tell Dad what it was in regards to, the guy was like, "No, I'll call back." Argh!

Anyhow, time to get ready for work. I'm running behind, big surprise. :P

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