Dmn pushy MBNA people. "Thank you for choosing..." -- but I didn't choose! Argh!

Asking for my SIN number -- I don't think so. :P

And a Platinum MasterCard; that's so not going to go through. MBNA annoys me. I think they've sent me an application or tried to sign me up for a credit card once a year since I hit university. *grrr* I'll take pleasure in cutting up anything they send.

The lady on the phone was funny, though -- she kept telling me of how she approved of my program choice and how I must be a good daughter to my parents... that based on my mom's name, she could see where mine came from (which isn't how I got the name Jen, but what the hell), and then she found it really funny that I'd lived at the same address for basically my whole life. I mean, I'm not about to go into details for her, but yeah, I was born in another city, lived there a year, then moved here. I live at home, it's not like it's unusual... hell, there are plenty of people older than me who still do. Argh.

Ah well. Stupid solicitors. This is why I think I might just keep my cell when I move out, and maybe not bother getting a real phone. Either that, or start flaming places like MBNA, especially since, as a student, they just wasted 10 minutes of my studying time in the middle of exams (plus the time I spent writing up this entry). :)

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