"He looks like he brushed his hair with a pork chop."

"I'd totally bone him! He looks like he'd be wild in the sack."

"You have really sensitive nipples, don't you?" (said after I finish coming down from an arousal high from having my nipples played with)

"I was going to offer you a pillow."

"I was talking to Jen last night, and all that, and yeah, so... you and her?"

"I'm going to have to totally fuck you because apparently you have it, whatever it is."

"Wow, you can tell they didn't use this 'cause it looks really bad." (said about the CGI extras on the MIB II DVD that hadn't yet gone through post-production)

"I like seeing you like that."
"Like what?"

"I can't think of anyone I'd rather it was with than you."

... Just a few funny/nice things people have said. Some of them made me laugh out loud. Some of them made me feel all gushy inside. They're all couched, however, to protect the innocent. I mean, the guilty. I mean, my friends. :)

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