I got rid of the Sprint telemarketer who called just before 6 this evening by saying I was Mom. It just annoys me when they dial, and you answer, and then they don't answer right away, and so you have to sit there saying, "Hello?!" and listening to background noise before they finally are all like, "Hello?" 'cause they're fucking stupid and deaf and annoying.

I think they're busy masturbating in glee at annoying so many people, which is why they never answer right away.

In other news... just finished the PR take-home. Two essays, one 4 1/2 pages long, the other 4 pages long. I think. I don't care, it's done, I'm not thinking about it anymore. I'm so up shit creek for tomorrow night's exam, though. I've done nothing but screw around all day, I haven't transcribed any of my notes... so fucking screwed. I'm just going to do my best to transcribe notes tomorrow and bullshit my way as much as I can. Argh. I'm going to try to finish work early, too, so I can go find someplace quiet and study. If anyone comes to me with extra work to do, I'll just cry until they leave. :)

Then Saturday is Christmas shopping with Moose, and then possibly the party in the evening, possibly something else. Maybe just drinking myself absolutely bloody stupid and passing out at work. That'd be fun. :P Sunday I'm going to write my paper for Monday and clean my room (hah!), and then... Monday hand it in and work, Tuesday is work for my boss doing stuff I don't know how to do starting at 10 in the morning! Oh joy oh bliss!

Fuck my life sucks.

And the week after that, when everyone's on holidays... oh yeah, I get to work all across the holidays! "Oh happy day, calloo callay!" he chortled in his joy.


Sorry, minor amounts of trepidation at tomorrow's happenings. Fuck fuck fuck.

Off to kill some more stuff in WarCraft III (did I mention I did fuck all today, but somehow got through a few levels of that?), and then maybe do some note revision to scare myself. :P

Oh yeah, and I might as well share the details of my dream for you all to enjoy. I promise, I didn't eat anything weird before bedtime. In fact, I didn't have dinner last night, aside from about 4 Triscuits hours before I actually went to sleep (although I've been steadily demolishing -- out of stress and the need to keep my blood sugar sky-high -- that tub of chocolate frosting I bought, so that's probably not helping my dreams).

It started out with myself and another girl from work (I want to protect the innocent) sitting in my sister's room. She was on the bed with my giant teddy bear Paws (he's about 4-feet tall and flat from years of my using him as a pillow) and I was seated on my sister's beanbag chair, but it was leather or something in the dream. There was some arrangement whereby this one hot guy and two demon monsters were going to come and have sex with us, and the guy was going to pick who he wanted to sleep with. I was all confident in my looks, but alas, the hot guy chose her. So, they went off into my room, and one of the demons and I went into my parent's room. The bed was covered in folded laundry, and I arranged myself on my hands and knees so as not to disturb the folded stacks. There was no foreplay, but he had these square nails that I remember thinking I didn't want inside of me. Somehow he got the bed rocking back and forth to add to the whole penetration thing (he was standing on the floor), and after a few thrusts, I asked him if he had a condom, because I was thinking that I hadn't been taking my pill regularly, and I didn't want to get pregnant. He said no, so we stopped and I went into my sister's room to get my clothes (which had moved over so that geographically, it was where my room really is in the house), and my work friend and the hot guy were just cuddling in the bed, watching tv. I picked up my clothes and then I think I work up shortly after that, because I don't remember what happened next.

So... I'm having sex with some demon beast, and I make him stop because he doesn't have a condom. Apparently I'm responsible in my sleep or something. Geez.

Anyhow, hope that made you all laugh. :) I'm going to go kill some monsters (so that I don't have more dreams about having sex with them), and then I'm going to try to get to bed. Seeing as how I've been going to bed at 3 or later the last while, and I have to get up at 8:30 tomorrow... this is gonna be one damn painful day. :P

Oh yes, and I'm going to be putting up a rant about an article that Markuk sent me, as well as trying to marshall my thoughts into something sexual in nature so I can write my stupidly overdue Whore's Boudoir article. Argh! No stress!

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