The last few days have been interesting, and not even in ways I can necessarily define. :P

There are situations going on around me, some I've resolved, and others... I'm not so sure. Certainly there have been some good developments lately, but once again, it's stuff I can't really post publicly.

Wasn't this more fun to read back when I didn't care? :)

Anyhow, lots of issues at work with various diaries being found and spread around and whatnot... and I'm kinda caught in the middle of things. I'm sympathetic to both, and I feel like somehow I should do something, but I don't think it's my place, so I'm just going to stay where I am, listening to both sides and being sympathetic, and just hope like hell that my site doesn't get spread around.

Not that it's especially interesting, or would even necessarily matter if my site were found. I just ... bah. I don't know. I give up.

Well, not really, but kinda sorta for now.

This entry won't be nearly as long as I'd planned, because I've gotten into conversations instead, but a few points I want to hit on.

I'm sick of the damn stupid monkey children that work at the McDick's near my work. They cannot get the most basic of things straight. The Mandarin California Greens salad has three components; the salad itself, the bag of salad dressing, and the bag of trail mix. I have had them forget the trail mix; run out of salad dressing, ask me which I wanted, then give me two different salad dressings, neither of which were ones I had asked for; and tonight, give me fucking croutons instead of trail mix. I'm sorry, but the majority of the $4.99 plus tax I spend on the damn salad is for the trail mix. Therefore, I expect to get the fucking trail mix. It also makes the salad much more filling, hence my frustration.

Two, the phrase, "so angry he would vomit" was used at work today. That was greatly amusing and made me laugh. A lot.

Three, in a way, I like that Markuk seems to worry about my horrid sleep and eating habits. It's not smothering (at least, so far), and it's sweet. I've never had someone acknowledge to me that they worry about things like that, so it's nice.

Four... well, it was a nonproductive weekend, but it was rather a good one, overall. Some laughs, some interesting, thought-provoking conversation, some mad snugglage, some crazy other stuff, and not enough sleep. S'all good.

Tomorrow is lunch with Markuk, finishing off the Christmas gift shopping (just one thing left, I swear it!), and then work. Or work possibly before that (hah!), maybe some writing. I'm a week overdue on my Whore's Boudoir article, and I feel like ass for it. Just not entirely sure what to write about. Ben had some interesting things to say about the fact that there are now two comments up there labelling be somewhat slutty... but that they only came about when I was directly addressing male sexuality (in terms of hardons) rather than something more female-related or even just generic.

He also had this interesting thing to say: "(laugh) Y'know, I know very few other people who would call their pet fish "bastards" ;)"

I called them bastards because I was a terrible mom and forgot about them when I was off gallivanting... so they decided to punish me by not eating right away and making me worry somewhat. :)

Anyhow, I'm tired. It's 2:30 in the morning (hah, told you I'd get to sleep late!), and I'll have to wait and write interesting things later.

Finishing thoughts: it's really nice to have people tell you you're sexy/tempting/cute/bratty/fun/smart/comfortable to be around/hot/nice... very good on the ego.
Also, I'm discovering that it's with my really close friends that I'll talk about myself more. I think I'm getting better at drawing people out and asking them questions about themselves in order to spark conversation about shared interests or even common ground. It seems the coworker and the security guard didn't know what they were talking about when they called me self-absorbed. Bastards. :)

Oh yes, and I got talked into buying a dirty pendant when I went in to get a replacement navel ring or just bead for the navel ring (I wound up with the second). It's part of their Kama Sutra collection, and I decided on what the clerk termed the missionary position, but later turned out to be actually woman on top. I call it serendipity; it seems appropriate. ;)

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