Ah, winter. The season of weird skin rashes, bad hair, cold slush, perpetual chills, dry skin, crazy amounts of work to do (like uploading literally three or four dozen Christmas songs, plus 10 hours of “The Gift of Christmas) in time for the Christmas season that’s starting earlier and earlier… tell me again why I should love this season?

Argh. Don’t mind me, it’s just been one of those lives. The phone rang at 10 this morning which I answered because my sister sucks and wouldn’t wake up if you put the damn phone on her head and had it ring, then immediately afterwards rang again for my sister. I’d set my alarm for about 10:30 or so, but once the phone rang the second time and I had to go get her up, I shut it off and went back to bed. Dragged my ass out of bed by about 12, was out the door by just after 1, missed the stupid bus. Got to work, crazy amounts of work to do including a bunch of music to upload by today… and oh yeah, I’m on the board at 6, so I only have a few hours to get it all done! Argh.

I know it’s my own fault; I was out late last night, and didn’t plan very well how I was going to get home. I ended up getting dropped off at one bus stop, and caught the last bus to a more major connection, then had to wait 25 minutes for the main bus to show up and get me out to where the car was parked. It was about 3 in the morning by the time I got home, and I got to ride the bus home with all the drunks, which is always a blast.

There was one totally wasted girl who was asking me if I was swimming in a lake and had to pee, if I’d leave or just let go in the water; the guys she was polling were saying they would just go in the water, whereas she and I would both leave. Very exciting topic of conversation when one is wasted.

I read an article through BlogSisters on blogs and employees this morning, and it was talking about how you need to watch what you say on your blog, ‘cause it can get you in trouble. Well, right now I want to do a mini-rant but I’m all paranoid. So, I will regardless. Basically, I’m grouchy at our engineering department; they took my Denon (professional quality CD-player) and replaced it with the one that was malfunctioning in one of the studios. The thing is, the one I use gets used to upload commercials and music, so it’s not as if the work I’m doing is less important – I tend to handle more money for the stations than the other producers do, so what I’m putting on air is important, too. What the swap has meant is that my CD player keeps skipping on songs, but of course it doesn’t do it after ten or twenty seconds; it does it 2 or 3 minutes into the song, so I have to start over again. Fuck it’s annoying. I’m either going to just rip all the damn tracks and say fuck the levels, or go into another studio. Of course, it’s getting close to the time when I have to change studios, so I don’t have time to fuck around and try to learn someone else’s setup, especially when I have all my templates and such set up in here.

There, minirant over.

So, yesterday was fun. No, not really. Well, parts of it were. The last few days I’ve gotten to have crappy conversations with two different people that I had to introduce myself, but I got through them and I feel vaguely better for having done so. Vaguely. Urgh. We all know I’m doing the right thing, but that doesn’t make it any easier all around.

Anyhow, just mucked about the house for awhile yesterday. I was going to go to Mad’s thesis defence in the morning, but I had transportation issues (i.e., no car because of the weather), and I woke up feeling rather crummy, so I just waited until Ben got in touch with me and we went Christmas shopping, along with his buddy E. I had to stop on campus to get my Sex in the City DVDs back from my classmate – rather than waiting in what I thought of as the CMN offices, he was waiting in the prof’s office (in the other CMN building), so I wasted a half hour of my precious, precious time. :P Ah well. Dropped off a parcel, then met back up with Ben and E, and met the infamous T.

I managed to pick up a book for my mom, then separated from Ben and E to meet up with Markuk. I got my gift for Ben, which is where Markuk found me, ‘cause he couldn’t get through to my cell. I did get his messages a few minutes after he sent them, so I got to show him when my phone received them. Funny. :) I felt so much younger than him, standing next to him; he was dressed all preppy/grownup in a dress shirt, sweater and nice wool topcoat… meanwhile I’m standing there in my jeans, sneakers, huge sweatshirt and long winter coat, along with my backpack. His hair’s all nicely done (well, heavily gooped), whereas mine likely could have used a good brushing. It was a telling contrast… but then again, I’m a poor broke student and if I wear dress pants and a nice shirt to work, people think I have something special going on afterwards… whereas Markuk was saying that his outfit was dressed down compared to usual for him. Such different lives we lead.

Anyhow, we managed to catch a bus out to the house, and spent some time with Mad and Greg before disappearing for awhile for a relatively depressing dinner… however, I did get my Baileys, so it wasn’t all that bad. Wait, no, it was. Afterwards, it was back to the house for some hanging out with the crowd, and I annoyed ^H^H^H^H^H^H convinced Markuk to stay awake and be semi-social. We drew some attention at one point when he tickled me and I started pinching him -- weird feeling having the entire room staring at you, quiet. It got some laughs all around, that was for sure. On the other hand, something I might have noted before, it’s really nice having friends one can snuggle with, or who give you really long, really good backrubs. I forgot what it could be like to be part of a coven of sorts. :)

Afterwards, ‘twas the previously detailed bus adventure to get myself home. It looks like I won’t be too screwed, but I’ll definitely have some work to get caught up on on Monday. Urgh. Ah well… serves me right for trying to have a social life, right? Okay, so it’s ‘cause I keep terrible sleep hours. Ah well, eventually I’ll learn… probably sometime around when I lose two inches in height and discover I have osteo at the lovely young age of 25. Then Markuk will laugh at me, I just know it.

So, I think that’s all that’s exciting in my life. Well, it’s not even that exciting, but people like to read it, so I’ll write it. For now, I’m going to finish this, and I’ll likely write more while I’m working. I still have a hidden entry to write, not to mention another overdue article for Whore’s Boudoir. *grumble*

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