People suck/people don't suck.

People don't suck in that I had a nice long conversation last night with the guy who emailed me about my columns and said that it really hit the spot for him. He's 21 and lives in Alberta and was flirting with me ever so-slightly. Cute. :) And I checked out his blog and he'd mentioned me on there. Sweetass. :)

People don't suck in that Char didn't realize that I read her blog, so all the nice things she's been saying on there have been because she wants to say them, not for any other reason.

People do suck in that this stupid woman from the Legion called me 9:27 a.m. on a Sunday morning to find out the address of my sister's school.
"Hi, is Kimberly there?"
"No, she's in Halifax." (I like saying that)
"Oh, well, this is blah blah blah and blah blah blah, do you have the address?"
"Oh well, are your parents around, do they have the address?"

(Here I am, desperately trying to get this woman with her vaguely abrasive voice to shut up so I can get back to sleep because it was frigging 4 a.m. before I got to sleep and my alarm is set to go off for 10).

...I forget quite what I said here, but it worked out to her asking "Are they unavailable?" to which I said "Yes, can they call you back?" because I didn't want to stumble downstairs to look for them and I barely wanted to have to get up to get a pen and paper to write down her number.

She asked what time would be better for her to call back, and I said after noon. That would have been the best time to call in the first place, you stupid evil woman. Argh. When I worked at the animal hospital, I didn't make phone calls before 10 a.m. on Saturday unless I absolutely had to. During the week was a bit different, because people are up for work and such, but... really. 9:27 on a Sunday morning? That's inhumane.

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