Ah, a day to myself. I intend to be productive today. No sitting around on the computer all day, staring at blinking cursors that tease me with taunts of, "Oh, what do you think you're going to write today, hmm? Lookit that! You can't think of anything! Nyah nyah!" I will, however, try to finish the article I started on Monday.

I may still allow myself to watch Jerry Springer -- after all, I haven't seen it in a few weeks, there could be new content on! (That was sarcastic, dearies :).

I dropped off a resume for the job opening. The store that has the sign up is the one next door to Moose's store, so that would be funny. I could go over to his store and throw things at him! :) I'm hopeful, and I think I'd be really suited to it, based on my past job experience, but I don't know for sure.

I was poking through the careers section of the paper today, and there was a job opening for someone with a degree in communications, but it required 3-5 years of on-the-job experience. I feel like a munch (or, in Hebrew I believe it is, a mensch, which is really the term I'm bastardizing here), 'cause it really doesn't look like I'll be using my degree. Markuk has told me that his boss has a Masters (I believe) in Philosophy, so it's not as if everyone's degree applies directly to their employment. Who knows, maybe I won't use it for now, but I'll use it in the future.

I also feel like a munch 'cause I'm looking at short-term, part-time type work. I'd love to get hired on full-time, and who knows, once the school year ends, something might happen with any part-time job I do take on, but I feel like I should be looking at serious, career-type jobs, and not retail or whatever. That's not to knock people who work retail, my mom happens to do so, and my sister has done really well at it, but I've never really seen myself doing that. Maybe Kim takes after Mom that way -- they're both really good at retail -- and Dad and I are more suited to the anti-social type career jobs that allow us to lock ourselves in a little room somewhere and stare at a computer screen for hours on end, then come home and do the same.

I hear a lot of people who say that after they've spent all day staring at the computer screen for their jobs, they go home and want nothing to do with computers; my dad and I are totally not like that. Neither is my coworker J, who stays up late participating in chat rooms. That's not to say that I don't hang out with friends; hell, I don't think I've spent an evening on my computer in the last week or more, but it's certainly not something I'm averse to doing.

I remember discussing it on here when it happened, but it cropped into my head again recently; the comment made by the girl in my women and media class about how only people with no friends or social skills spend all their time on the computer, and how journals and chat programs (ICQ, MSN, Trillian) are used to replace jenuine social contact. I had fun roundly disagreeing with her, and explaining that often, my social interactions with people in chat programs are with friends I either couldn't speak with on the phone, or were often used for making plans with other friends who lived in or around the city. I also had to explain to her that I'm no more open in my blog than in person; although, admittedly, I might trash or bitch or moan a bit more here than I would in person. :)

Anyhow, time to move on and do things like clean out the poor unnamed fishie's tank, have a shower, beat up the cats, etc. I think I'll actually start taking votes on this poor guy's name; I have to admit I've really not thought too much about it... which makes me a terrible mom, I know. Maybe I'll call him Monkey, or Stinky... Fish are rather stinky, at least if you're like me and not a fan of the smell. :P

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