I have some content in mind when I sit down and have some time; things like, reviews of Faking It, by Jennifer Crusie and Stormy Weather, by Carl Hiaasen, my two latest reads. I'm not going to bother reviewing the Sherlock Holmes stories that I'm reading -- basically, if you're into mystery, give 'em a shot, if not, don't worry about 'em. Although I suppose it factors into my lists of the classics that I'm trying to get through.

Got flirted with at my radio course last night, and I think he and I almost made some girl cry. We were standing in the back of the room, waiting for her to get set up to do her voicing. Just chatting a bit, and I asked her if she wanted us to leave the studio, in case she felt awkward with us there. She said no, it was okay, but that she might take awhile because she had a fear of microphones and a learning disability. I said that I'd heard announcers repeat the simplest lines a hundred times over, so there was nothing she could do that I hadn't heard before.

Anyhow, K (the guy who was flirting with me) and I were chatting a bit while she was getting set up, and she asked us if we wanted to go out in the hall to keep talking. We said no, it was okay, and then made some little oops faces at each other. I again offered for us to go outside if she'd feel more comfortable that way, and she said it was okay, we could go, and she left the studio, looking as if she was going to cry. She left behind her tape, her headphones, and her purse... so I hope she went back later to get them, 'cause I didn't see her at all for the rest of the night.

People are ... odd.

Looks like my gf either got over being mad at me, put it behind her, or wasn't mad at me in the first place, any of which are okay with me. :)

Oops, forgot another update I was thinking of making: a new article for Whore's Boudoir. I just checked out LoveInk.com and the other day, my site wasn't on their "Top Websites" anymore -- now it's number 1. This is some kind of coolness. :)

So, Digger is bugging me and I'm running way behind anyhow (nothing quite like going to bed at 5 in the morning, and not being able to fall asleep right away)... so time to be off. I woke up this morning with cats smushed against me; heaven help me if I wanted to roll over. :)

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