*dance* Googling my email addresses and names and websites, it turns out that my site (Whore's Boudoir, that is) is currently the second-highest rated site on LoveInk.com! *dance*

Admittedly, my pic was rated at the top for awhile, so I know that fame (especially on LoveInk.com) is rather fleeting, but it's still pretty awesome. :)

There's also a note (from December) from one of the members, saying that he really enjoys my articles -- and I don't even know who this guy is. This totally makes my day today. :)

This so rules... it makes me all warm and fuzzy, and I mean that. I love that people read what I write, I love that people enjoy it... gah! :) So much good. Today is a good day.

I got to sleep in today and feel all lazy... finally went out to get food around 3 in the afternoon -- Markuk and I grabbed a somewhat poor lunch at a diner nearby. Apparently I wasn't enthused enough to see him last night, but I blame lack of sleep (five hours the night before), feeling sluggish all day, as well as medication for my lack of bounciness. No matter, it was nice to hang out and chat.

Aside from that, it’s been a pretty quiet time. Friday, my gf H and I skipped out of class – it was moving so slowly and the material was straight out of the text, so we wandered off. I tried to pick up one of my textbooks, but the bookstore doesn’t have it in yet. Pooh. Wandered back to work in the cold and just felt like death all day – tired, sluggish, sleepy, drained… just everything. It wasn’t just me feeling that way, either – most of my coworkers seemed to be in the same frame. It was awful.

Today, after I split from Markuk, I went to EB to turn in some games and got a credit note for them. I’m just glad to have ‘em out of the house, and off my floor (where they’ve been sitting since I last cleaned my room). Maybe I’ll leave here a bit early tonight and get rid of the books… anyhow, there’s one guy at EB that’s quite friendly to me, it’s nice – anytime he sees me in the store he says hi, asks how it’s going. I don’t by any means think he’s flirting with me or anything other than being friendly – it’s just nice in a way to be recognized as someone who’s there often enough to be recognizable. Or something like that. I’m trying to avoid thinking about what it means if I’m there often enough to be recognized by a number of the staff members, but at the same time, I’m not always dropping dough there, so that’s good. As well, it means that as much as possible, they’re going to get my business when it comes to purchases of whatever nature they carry.

After that, I wandered through the crowds to pick up a DVD for my mom and try to get bath beads for her as well, but the Body Shop has discontinued them. I’m starting to get rather annoyed with the Body Shop – they removed their refill counters, which goes against their “reduce, reuse, recycle” policy, although they’re apparently bringing them back; they aren’t carrying any of the large bottles of the Vanilla bath and shower gel that I like, although it’s apparently because of a backorder (it’s not discontinued); then they go and discontinue various products… it’s frustrating. The girl today was saying that you can use the bath oil and scent it, and she felt the need to explain to me that the bath beads were just convenient ways of using the oil… argh. Thanks for the information – here I thought they contained magnesium, and it would be fun to light them on fire!

Ah well. Then I went to toddle on down to the office supply store where my witchcraft course’s course pack was ordered. I couldn’t take the bus there, ‘cause of the war protest, which pissed me off. Then I got to the store – after walking for a good ten minutes in the increasingly more noticeable cold – only to discover that the fuckmunches aren’t open on Saturdays or Sundays! Fuck!

So I walked back to catch my bus, only to arrive in time to watch one depart. Again, I got to sit in the cold for a good 15 minutes until another came by. No problems on the bus ride home, until I got to the transfer point, and watched my main bus drive away. Fuck! I hate when they do that – they can *see* the bus coming in, why can’t they wait two minutes!?

Anyhow, bundled into the shelter, still feeling somewhat cold (have I given you the impression that I hate the cold? ‘Cause I do. I *hate* being cold), standing for a bit, reading my book. This one woman goes and leans against the door, watching the road where the buses would come from. Now, since she’s leaning against the door, anyone who wants to come in or leave would have to disturb her, so she’s really not in the best place. Then she moves around me and stands on my other side, once again leaning against the side of the shelter this time, to stare down the road. Okay, smart enough. She moves *again*, back to the same place against the door! Each time she held her position for about three or four minutes. Finally she just started walking back and forth a bit aimlessly until the bus that I wanted came (not the ideal one, but I’m a trooper). Unfortunately, she was also on it – but I managed to avoid her by sitting at the back of the bus. You know, where the cool people sit.

Now I’m at home and just trying to take it easy. Going to be getting together with Moose later tonight – for once he’s done at a decent(ish) hour, so we won’t be arriving at his place at 1 in the morning, and I might actually get some rest. I doubt it, but one can always dream.

A few notes, before I forget: I’ve updated the quotes page, it’s a bit more inclusive now -- but still ugly. Added a few names to the blogroll, we’ll see how able I am to keep up with them. You may notice asterisks next to some of the names – this just means they’ve been updated within the last 12 hours (it's an automatic feature of blogrolling.com, and a very cool one).

As well, on a side note… my blog has passed its one-year anniversary! I feel so bad – I thought I started this thing later in the month than I did, but I actually started it the same day I joined UnCultured… January 9th. This means I can’t quite claim 7000 hits in the past year, since we’ve just crossed that mark and it’s past the 9th, but… I’m still friggin’ impressed. I’m also impressed I managed to keep this going so long, but it’s been great. This blog has seen me through some rough times, and it’s been nice to have a place to vent…. Even if I’ve had to censor myself at times because of my audience. Ah well. :)

Anyhow, if there was anything else I wanted to write, I’ve forgotten it by now. Just watched Back to the Future III (having seen II a few weeks ago), and that was fun. Got some questions answered that I’d had in my mind because I hadn’t seen the movies in so long.

Oh yeah… Dr. Seuss (the blue fish, you may recall) has picked up some interesting habits. He blows bubbles! He goes to the water at the top of the tank and gulps down small amounts of water and then pushes bubbles out of his mouth. He’s a very strange little fishie. Storm still hides food pellets in amongst the rocks, then doesn’t eat them. He annoys me sometimes. :)

Dinner was a tastylicious steak sandwich, made by Dad. :) I’m very tempted to go and buy a cheesecake to share – I think Ben and his gf could use some junk food as a pick up, and I love any excuse to eat cheesecake. Since I didn’t have dessert at lunch… hrm. Hehehe.

A few last notes: It’s really nice when people notice things about you and you don’t have to tell them. For example – the lady who runs the caf at work once told someone else, in my presence, that I didn’t drink coffee. I thought it was really awesome that she noticed that. J stated once that he liked that I noticed little things – like how he’d set the dials on his car when he shut it off – and did them when I drove the car, because that’s how he did it. I remember once on a band trip to Toronto (here I picture all of my friends saying out loud, breathlessly, “This one time… at band camp…” – a common comment I hear when I get excited about something and begin to speak about it), one of our band leaders was trying to annoy me by pulling the bookmark out of my book. One of my friends remarked, “That’s not going to do anything. She doesn’t use bookmarks.” Since I’d never said anything to them about it, I thought it was awesome that they’d noticed.

I think that’s good for now. The other notes I want to cover involve more detailed writing, and I have to get going. And this entry is definitely long enough now. :)

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