For anyone that has ever heard me go on and on about women's rights in regards to rape, and blaming the victim... here it is; an excellent article that articulates my points better than I ever could.

This is what makes me doubt my abilities as a speaker or a writer -- the fact that I read so much that is so much better than anything I could ever write. :P

It's funny keeping up on my friend's blogs -- I'm learning more about the transit issues and such than I have heard on the news. That may be simply because I read blogs in the morning before I hit the paper (I love having my computer in my bedroom), but it could also just be another sign of my uninformedness. :)

I think I'm going to divide my blogs folder (in my favourites menu -- yes, I use IE!) into "frequent updates" and "check this every time there's a lunar eclipse." What I'm finding is that many of my friends start up blogs, they're all enthusiastic about them for a little while -- be it a week, a month, or maybe, at the outset, three months -- and then they stop writing. Or they post occasional messages that say, "Wow, it's been awhile since I've written, hasn't it! Ha ha!" *grumble*

It's especially frustrating when some of my friends write really funny or really interesting entries... or they talk about me in their entries once in awhile. ;)

Anyhow, time to keep moving. Gotta attend to Digger, who's periodically letting his frustration with me known. Last night the cats hogged the bed so bad that I didn't quite have enough covers to pull up, and my shoulders were really cold (in spite of my sweatshirt) and I couldn't get to sleep. So I displaced them to haul the covers back up, and they promptly rearranged themselves around me.

The night before, Digger settled himself between my thighs (with me in my usual position, sleeping on my stomach), and when Shadow came along, there wasn't quite enough room for her -- so she laid down, half on my butt, and half between my thighs. I have strange, strange cats. :)

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