A quick note before I go to bed (as always, at too late an hour to be reasonable): Digger appears to have an interest in SmartFood popcorn. He was licking the edge of the opened bag just now to get the cheese product powder (TM).

As well, I finally got Dad to see his knife trick earlier -- Digger stands on his hind legs (not full-length, but balanced, as if he were sitting upright), his little front legs stuck out in front of him, and licks the Cheez Whiz (his usual), or this morning, cream cheese, off the knife. He looks really silly when he does it, and it's just one more reason why I love him so. :)

I got to be the teacher's assistant today in class (radio production). I have the feeling it's going to be a regular thing for me, but at least it'll mean I (hopefully) get good marks. Hopefully. In theory. Etc., etc. :)

Hung out for a bit with Moose before and after class. It's odd; he's acting like he has something on his mind... either that, or he was just really really tired and didn't want to admit it. It was pretty obvious; he was being kindof a brat to me, but I punched him in the head a few times, and we got it all sorted out.

Okay, that's kidding... I didn't punch him, I promise. He was being a poo, though. *grrr* ;) However, he did give me Undercover Brother today, so that's pretty awesome. He's a sweetie, he was just really tired. I've seen him like that before -- it's kinda funny, actually. :)

I just reread my last entry, based on a reassuring email I got (and a few comments to lighten up); I'm not entirely sure what was in there to make you feel bad (or make the other you tell me to lighten up), but I'm glad in both cases. :) I realized too that I've slipped into an extreme case of vaguery (sure, it's a word) in regards to so many different situations that appear on here that my writing appears almost incoherent... unless you have all the pieces of the puzzle with the light spots or the red streak in order to solve it entirely. I apologize to all of my readers, and that's why today's entry included Digger news -- that, at least, I can write in its entirety without having to hide anything to spare his feelings, or give away his secrets.

What the fuck?! I just tried to go to HomeStar Runner.com and it said that the page no longer exists?! Fark.com said that there was a new email up... anyone have any idea what's going on? They certainly had no hints that it was going down at like, 2 a.m. Sunday morning when I was there.

Weirdness... I'm confused.

Anyhow, I'm also cold and it's really late, so I'm going to do some reading, get through the (finally!) exciting parts of The Moonstone, and hit the sack. Night sweeties.

Oh yes, and for those who are worried 'cause I haven't talked about her in all these Digger entries; Shadow is alive and well, and doing great. I promise. :)

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