Got the final mark today. Guess getting dumped at the start of the semester was good for me --

Greek Mythology: A
Theories of CMN: A
Audience Research: A+
Public Relations: A-
Women and Media: A-

My best semester yet. :)

I feel so zonked. I'm getting back into those horrible sleep patterns -- last night I got to bed at about 5:30, slept until 11:30 when I woke up to use the washroom, then back to bed until about quarter to 1, when Mom called.

I'm going to bed at a decent hour tonight.

(Everyone, stop laughing, I'm going to try).

E sent me this link about the fifth Harry Potter book. I look forward to spending a day on it. :)

Which reminds me -- I want to get to the library to pick up the latest PTerry book. I can't believe I've left if this long, really. I'm just waiting until it comes out in paperback. *grrr* Paperbacks.

Moose and I watched porn last night. Don't get all excited -- it was terrible. He said that Mandy had said it was the Sims in porn, so I was expecting it to be terrible and funny and maybe vaguely disturbing (although if you've played the Sims Hot Date, then not so disturbing). On the contrary... It was full of awful stereotypes, it wasn't as well-animated as the Sims (which tells you something right there), and they basically relooped a whole bunch of footage. I think most of the characters were voiced by the same guy, despite what the credits have you believe, and I think we got through maybe, 20 minutes of it. We waited long enough to see the midget doing the two girls -- one black, who became Spanish while she was being fucked, or even when the white girl (the other one), was being fucked. He kept hopping back and forth between them like a horny little elf -- which was just another example of how the footage was being looped.

Needless to say, we didn't watch all of it. Neither of us could really bear to, although I did get to say a few times, "If you ever say that to me, you're permanently cut off." The movie contained such classic lines as, "This knob needs polishing!" (courtesy of the midget) and "Me gusta! Me gusta! Oooh, oooh!" from the Spanish lady.

And just because they're swimming around my head, a few lines from the last while I have to share:
"Are you always goofy like this after an orgasm?"
"Your feet are offensive."
"You try smelling that with a dick in your mouth!"
"Congratulations... you've turned me into a drooling idiot." (rather mumbled at the time)
"Nono, I'm checking out other guys' dicks. I care about their muscles?"

There was also a great discussion in there about growers vs. showers (hence where the final line came in) at work.

Ah well. Got Black and White up and running -- it froze on me the first time I started it, but it's run great since then. I picked the tiger as my creature -- he gets offended if you pat him too low on his tummy. As well, I got to see him pick up a tree and plant it somewhere else. I think he was bored.

So far I like Black and White -- the controls are a bit annoying at times, especially when you get too into the landscape and have to screw around with zooming out and moving around, but it's kinda fun.

Anyhow, time for foodage. I'm so tired and somewhat hungry... popcorn and a chocolate bar just isn't the most nutritious of meals.

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