I like my creature, from Black and White. I picked the Tiger, and he's now being more inquisitive because I rubbed his belly when it said he was curious, so it rewarded his behaviour.

The villagers like him, because he watches them use the store and it means that he'll pick up trees and throw them in, creating wood for them to use. Mind you, I've also seen him pick up a tree and plant it somewhere else, so I don't know what that's all about.

Apparently when he poos (which you get to see!), sometimes he'll eat it, and then you have to discipline him for eating his poo so that he won't keep doing it. At least, that's what Moose said; I've only seen him actually go poo. Poo is a funny word, which is why I keep repeating it. Anyhow, when he poos, it makes this weird almost machine-gun sound, and the poos come out of him at a rather high velocity. They're also the size of small rocks. I worry what they'll be like when he grows, to be honest.

Anyhow, hating my body this morning -- got another UTI. I called my GP, hoping to perhaps squeeze in; the nurse said he was running behind and had people waiting, but I could come in tomorrow if I wanted. My best guess is that she's never had a UTI, otherwise she wouldn't think of offering. Although, maybe other people are more stoic about things like this; personally, with the pain and the hurting and the bleeding (at times) and the having to pee every two seconds? I don't want to hang onto that for more than an hour or two at best.

I'm back on the Sulfa drugs -- these are the ones that don't bring the UTI back a day or so after it "clears up" (which is the case with Macrobid, for me -- happened twice now!). These drugs are funny, 'cause they make the skin more sensitive to light, both natural and UV. Sunlight is toxic to me now! Beh, somehow it's funny in my head.

Also laid in my nice big carton of cranberry juice. The first time I had this stuff, I hated it -- I think I'm starting to develop a liking for it by now. The Minute Maid mix is pretty good; not too tart, but still pure cranberry juice. I was tempted by the cran/grape mix, but I figure that just totally nullifies any benefits that I'm supposed to get from this stuff.

Needless to say, what with the running around this morning and the feeling kinda bleh, I didn't go into work today. I am, however, going to class right about now, so I will end this recitation of my health problems and my creature's poo. :)

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