Had a decent night last night. Work was pretty smooth; my PR prof was in and he said he was pretty sure I got an A in his course, which is pretty funny considering everything I turned in to him was pretty much shit. :P

Fuckin' A! I just got the mark back on my Theories of Communications course, and ... *drum roll* I got a fuckin' A!!!


Apologies for the multiple exclamation marks, but... holy fuck. It would appear I aced the fucking exam. :)

Anyhow, as I was saying... chatted with the Marks last night, spent a great deal of time chatting with gord, and that was very cool. I think he's one of my new favourite people. :)

Also got to do some venting last night. One of my coworkers blames all of the diaries for the mess... I blame the paranoias and refusals to believe what other people are telling you as truth. Argh. It pisses me off that I'm getting "punished" for something I completely didn't do or have a hand in, but... fuck it, really. Just goes to show me people's true colours, and all that other stuff.

I'm not going to get into that now though, since I'm trying to get moving -- there's a chance I'm meeting up with Moose for lunch, and I figure being dressed and showered will add to my appeal, rather than detract from it. :)

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