I became a mother for the third time today.

Well, I guess it was technically yesterday, since I appear to have crossed that midnight mark, but regardless, once again, I have a fishie.

This guy has a red body and blue fins -- J had one similar and I really liked the look of it, so today one of my impulse purchases was a betta fish.

There's a trick to his name, although I haven't necessarily settled on this one. Basically, because he looks like he could be the baby of my other two fish (one red, one blue -- both larger than him, incidentally), I thought that somehow his name could perhaps be a combination of theirs. The only thing is, I didn't want to call him Dr. Storm (to refresh for those of you playing at home, red fish = Johnny Storm [Fantastic Four, The Human Torch, "Flame on!" -- although I have yet to see him actually do this, the water might be a bit inhibiting]; the blue fish = Dr. Seuss for the fact that he appeared sickish and depressed when I bought him, and because of the whole, "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" thing), because having two doctors would just throw out the whole balance and then I might have to resort to calling the red fish Dr. Zais as originally planned... so I took the first part of Johnny Storm's name and added it to the last part of Dr. Seuss' name to come up with... Josuss. Now, if you say it with the right inflections, it sounds like "Jesus" -- so I have a Jesus fish.

Beh, it's funny the first time. The fifth time I explain it... it's slightly less so.

Mind you, that little naming scheme led Moose (who may also now be known as Buzz Lightyear) to tell me that his last fish's name was Jesus and he actually died on a Friday. Freaky, no? So now I'm afraid to call my fish Jesus, lest he die soon.

Oh yeah, and to finish that tale -- apparently Moose kept the fish around until the following Monday to see if he'd rise again. He didn't, though.

Because Freaky Fish (another possible name for him) was the first thing I bought, I had to carry him around on my errands today -- it was cold outside and I didn't want to leave him in the car. The girl at the clothing store (where I bought two pairs of jeans, score for me!) told me she had a fish tank on her desk at home for awhile, and one day one of her fish jumped out. She couldn't find the body until months later when she was cleaning behind her desk or something, when she discovered a bunch of bones. *shudder*

I also bought a couple of catnip toys for the cats, and Digger went just bugnuts over one of them, this really concentrated one. Shadow actually was fishing it out of the bag before I even unpacked anything, and then she licked it for awhile. It's quite soggy and gross. I bought Digger one of the canvas squares that he really likes, but I guess it just wasn't quite as good when compared with this crazy concentrated bag.

Ah well… had a quick drink with Markuk on Sunday (kinda yesterday) before I headed off to work. He flew out this morning. It was nice having him in town – got to spend a fair bit of time with him, in between working, sleeping, hanging out with Ben and Moose, finding time for other friends in town… urgh. School will actually be a bit of a respite, since I’ll now be able to have a fixed schedule. Which reminds me, I have to email the boss the new schedule.

Okay, took a huge break there – playing comments tag with gord and chatting with Jay and Big A… it’s a night for procrastinating. I really should be off to bed, especially considering I was(n’t) falling asleep over at Ben and Moose’s place while Moose was playing some dull game on the GameCube. Okay, so it was fascinating and riveting to him and Ben (at least until Ben fell asleep), but it totally didn’t hold my attention and I kept dying in Yoshi’s Island, so… I rested my eyes. With my head tilted totally back to rest on the couch behind me, while Moose rested against me and played. It was actually more comfy than it would seem.

Urgh. I’ve totally lost momentum here. I’m completely killing time, and it’s fun and all, but… it’s keeping me from a decent sleep. I don’t think I know what a decent sleep is anymore, actually

Okay, so now I’m being really awful about getting to bed. I’m sitting here looking at images of piercings and trying to decide what I want to get done next. This is a conversation that Markuk and I had the other day, and I’m not sure I actually do want to get anything else done… but I do. *grrr* I was chatting about piercings with gord at the party – never quite got the chance to say what it was I’d had done beyond my ears, but next time we discuss it, I’m sure I’ll mention it.

Ah well, I think I’ll force myself to bed now. Well, I’ll do some reading first, but after that it’s sleep time… if there’s room for me on the bed what with the cats having taken it over and all. They’re so funny. :)

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