Two days in a row, the process of reading everyone's blogs has been made extremely easy by not having new content to read. :P

I suppose people feel the same about my site, but ... well, fneh. Exactly. :)

What's been the last few days? Well, had brunch with AC Friday, which was awesome. We chatted for awhile, then decided that we had to get together again, so long as he was going to be in town. Fortunately, he was able to, so we had dinner on Saturday. :) He drove me to this house party that Ben and Moose were going to be at, so we hung out there for a bit, finding the four or five people in the crowd that I knew out of about 100.

It was shaping up to be a kinda lame evening, but there was some excitement in a few respects: 1) not being able to find Moose, then finding him; 2) getting to find out someone's opinion of me ("a total whore, a walking STD" -- extremely ironic considering the source); 3) getting to meet a bunch of people who were apparently blitzed 'cause they seemed to think I was cute or something; 4) getting to meet fans!

That was awesome. :) I met Gord, who's been reading Whore's Boudoir for a bit, and has commented on the site, and he was going around telling everyone how awesomely I write, how great it is that the site is written by a cute girl (his words), and that I was the most popular whore on the Internet. :) He was a lot of fun to talk to, as was the "Film Studies Guy", and of course, Angus. We all geeked out for a bit and exchanged ICQ/MSN/AOL/website information, and it was all good. :)

On a totally different note, there have been a few anonymous comments on my various sites, and I appreciate the feedback, but the anon stuff drives me nuts, especially when someone says they know who I am (a commenter that got threatening and so got banned), or that they know me from work. Mind you, the person who wrote it said that I was always so quiet at the office, so I seriously doubt that they know who I am.

My sister is out the door and on her way to an airplane, and I'm somewhat relieved. Once again, for the most part, my stuff'll get left alone -- my sister tends to assume that anything lying around or in the fridge is fair game, and doesn't consider that it might belong to someone. The phone will always be where it ought to be, and not hiding out in her room or the basement (where there are already two phones). When I call the house to speak to one of my folks, I'll actually get to speak to one of my folks! And so on. For the most part, it hasn't been too bad, but... everyone in this household owes me a Coke, literally.

Markuk is taking off bright and early tomorrow morning. It's been an interesting, if vaguely frustrating time while he's been here. Now we can go back to me persuading him to stay up late and I'll go back to getting enough sleep. :)

Jay leaves tomorrow as well, I'm not sure what time exactly. I feel bad, I've only gotten to see him two or three times since he's been here, but we've both been busy hanging out with various people. At least, I don't imagine he's been sitting at home, bored out of his tree this whole time. Maybe I'll be able to persuade him to come into town again, although he's likely to be crazy busy dodging movie stars and such. :)

Anyhow, I'm supposed to getting together with Markuk for lunch today, which means he'd probably appreciate it if I showered and such.

Final thoughts?

* Friday was weird, ran into a bunch of classmates and other familiar faces -- something like four in the half hour I was outside and about.
* Carrying the notebook around on my person is a blessing and a half, regardless of how dorky it might make me look.
* Cell phones are also a blessing.
* If you spend anytime kissing someone at a party, someone is invariably (and here I'm thinking of Ming) going to tell you to get a room. Or ask if they can join in (the blue-haired guy).
* I hate hypocritical people.
* The things that can be done with two stuffed animals (PoPo the Buggery Bear and Kermit the Frog), a small leather harness and a small red dildo are absolutely hilarious.
* I love my friends and my cats. ^..^ :)

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