I think a lot of things in life could be improved with the judicious use and effective application of a little violence.

I refer mainly to interactions between strangers, really. I mean, after all, you have to see your friends again, and they’re likely to remember a little thing like a kneecapping or a clotheslining; that guy who annoyed you in the streets isn’t likely to return after you’ve taught him a little whatfor.

I also refer mainly to interactions on foot. There are advantages and disadvantages to this; the advantage is that, done in a crowded situation, you don’t have to be the immediate suspect if you take a poke at someone whose back is turned. The disadvantage is that it’s much more difficult to get away quickly, particularly if your target happens to be someone in shape, and not the little old ladies I’m prone to knocking over, myself (namely because I could take them in a fight, if need be).

That woman who just stopped dead in front of you, while you were barrelling along at a decent clip? Smack her in the back of the head as you whip past her. That man who just cut you off on the way to the bank machine? He looks like he could use a punch. Someone taking up two seats on the bus with their groceries or luggage or backpack? Just pick whatever it is up and lob it down the aisle!

I think smacks in the back of the head should be encouraged, really. Wouldn’t it make people pay more attention to where they were going, especially in large groups of people? No more yelling insults over your shoulder for large stretches of walking along – people might have to start paying attention to others!

*grumble* That’s one I’ve been refining for awhile. But wait, there’s more!

I fail to understand the incredible stupidity of some people. I mean, why would you go through all kinds of tests and types of diagnoses with your family doctor, a specialist, or your pets’ veterinarian, then turn to a stranger – a doctor who *doesn’t* know your history, who hasn’t seen your test results, who hasn’t examined you for him or herself – and then think he or she could explain in five minutes or five hundred words exactly how to treat you or your pet?!

Argh! Perfect example, doctor on air now, people are calling in with questions. Okay, fine. But this one guy calls, says he’s been diagnosed with blood and protein in his urine, been to a specialist (but doesn’t know what kind), and wants to know what this doctor thinks about it. !!! Another lady called, said she knew that iron could be used to increase red blood cell count, but wanted to know how she could increase her white blood cell count – I thought, “develop an infection” – because white blood cells are used to fight off the nasties.

Ah well… people are stupid. I’ve lost all of my motivation lately – I don’t feel like doing my readings for school, I’m being really lax about writing (as you can likely tell), I don’t even feel like going to any of my classes. The last week with the extremely cold temperatures provided excuses for me – not necessarily good ones, but adequate, at least. In my opinion.

The idea of writing and pursuing writing holds a great deal of appeal for me, yet I can’t seem to bring myself to do much about it. It’s an idea I’ll explore more in detail when I finish “Writers on Writing.” There are a few ideas in there I want to develop further, but basically I think being a novelist is what calls to me the strongest. I just need to get a clear idea of what I want to do or how before I would feel right doing anything about it – or even able to do anything about it.

It’s been a busy few days, but nothing that really compelled me to sit down and write, or at least make me find the opportunity to do so. I went out to see the Cannes Lions, the advertising winners the other night with Ben, Moose, gord, and a friend of gord’s. We went to the Thai place Ben introduced me to afterwards and chatted, then wandered over to one of many British restaurants in the city to grab some dessert. At dessert, we were loud and obnoxious, having a great time telling drunk stories and cracking up laughing, causing other patrons to stare at us. Our waiter seemed to enjoy our table, and he wasn’t too bad looking, which meant that he earned a “wouldn’t mind seeing him wet” distinction from gord. *grin* Apparently everyone looks better wet, but I don’t share the same fascination with wet people that I know others do.

After dessert, we all split our different ways, and I crashed at Ben and Moose’s place, ‘cause I had to head into work for 8 a.m. the next morning and it saved a great deal on gas money. Money is in very short supply around me right now. :P Anyhow, got to work from 8 – noon the next morning, then pick up my aunt and take her to my house, where she had lunch with the folks and myself, then went off shopping with Mom. I did some farting around on the computer and reading the latest Jennifer Crusie (which I’d been waiting for in paperback, but my aunt gave me her hardcover copy, ‘cause she and I both read and enjoy her works), then I crashed for a few hours and caught up on my rest.

Had dinner with everyone, then toddled off to Ben’s to play some more Luigi’s Mansion while he was on the computer and then later on the phone. We did chat for a bit, but mostly just hung out in one another’s presence. Kinda weird, but it works. Ben passed out on the couch, I went to get Moose, and we played some more Luigi’s Mansion until it was time for bed. I wound up crashing there that night ‘cause I just didn’t feel like messing with the roads to get home. I could have without much difficulty or grief, but just didn’t feel like it. I’m totally unmotivated. :)

What else has happened lately? Urgh. I’m sure there is stuff I wanted to write about, but I can’t seem to bring it to mind. :P I guess I’ll take my brain and Digger’s hints and hit the sack. Poor Digger, can’t find a place to lie down amongst all the clothes I have piled on there. *grin*

And while I'm thinking of it, Mad, I will accept your challenge as soon as I have a bit of spare reading time. I have a few more posts to make on Bibliophilage -- I was fortunate enough to make some time to finish some books this weekend. :)

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