*groan* Okay, so the English paper got done. Today involves getting some reading done and writing the other paper. Not a problem, since it's just three pages, right? Wrong. Gotta have all my sources lined up! This stupid thing is a second-year course, and the paper itself isn't due until *APRIL*. Why am I having to have all of my sources lined up *now*? Why not just make the damn paper due *now*? Argh!

Ah well, I can handle it. I think.

Got all 50 boos in Luigi's Mansion last night, so I got the final diamond and I feel accomplished. I made Moose laugh yesterday when I found a book I was looking for and laughed the way Luigi does when he finds a gem. I'm a loser. :)

Recently, Moose and I (along with Ben for the first), have seen The Good Girl and Igby Goes Down. Frankly, I was somewhat disappointed in them both. In Good Girl, I just found it too predictable, except for one incident involving the husband's friend. There were a number of things with which I could sympathize with the character, but I just didn't find it as wonderful as everyone else seemed to. For Igby, I didn't find any way of really attaching to any of the characters, so it was hard to feel too sympathetic about anything that was happening to them.

I was just reminded of something that happened one summer, after seeing Digger knock this fake flower I have out of my hand. Our property is lined with cedar hedges, and they're actually quite tall (or they used to be, prior to this one really heavy snow year). Anyhow, one summer I was out in the backyard with the cats, and Digger was getting a backrub or some such, when I spotted a monarch butterfly sitting on a huge thistle that had grown in a spot where the hedges stopped. I picked Digger up and took him over to take a look at it, from a safe distance. Well, the butterfly took flight, and Digger reached out with his big paw (he does have 'em), and gave the butterfly a whap! I felt awful, but it kept flying away; moves like that Digger generally does with claws in, so I don't think the poor thing was harmed. But it was kinda funny to see from my perspective; you really have to see Digger and watch him play to understand. He's a big kitten still. And I mean that in that he's clumsy, but handsome and funny. :)

My major time-waster the last little while has been reading UserFriendly strips. I think eventually it'll get added to my favourites list, once I'm caught up (which, at the rate I'm going, should be in a few days). There's a lot there, but it's pretty neat watching the evolution of the style and the setup. And it gives me something to do, other than actual work. :)

Anyhow, Digger is getting impatient, my mind is a blank, and I need to start getting ready for school and such.

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