That's the most sexist telemarketer I ever dealt with. Calling from the Globe and Mail (better believe I'm gonna name them!), asked to speak to my dad.
"Sorry, he's at work" (waiting to hear him ask to speak to my mom, whom I've been pretending to be every time I deal with these butt monkeys).
"Okay, I'll call back later, maybe about 7 or 8 o'clock?"
"Can I ask what it's in regards to?"
"I'm calling from the Globe and Mail, I'll call back later."
"No, we're not interested, thank you."
"Okay, I'll call back later."
(pissed now, so therefore a rude tone of voice, which I don't adopt unless they're *real* assholes) "We're *not* interested."

Fucking assholes!

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