I dance, I sing, I celebrate. Found someone else that linked to my site! wOOt, to borrow a phrase. :)

I love the description he wrote for it:

"The Whore's Boudoir: This one is grouse for the URL alone ("dunkenwhore.blogspot.com"). Its the diary of some chick. That likes to talk about sex. Not in a porno-text sort of way, but more taking the piss. Funny read, anyway. Every day I find someone with a more interesting life than me..."

Not that it's my diary or anything, but it's pretty awesome. *wiggle*

Also, if you Google the keywords "+whore +boudoir", the first bunch of hits that it turns up are mine, or links to me -- it used to be a bunch of other stuff. I'm also gaining popularity for both of my sites in Blogarama, which means that you guys are accessing Blogarama through my site, and people are coming here from there. Thank you very much for doing so; I really appreciate it, and I mean that. It makes me warm and squiggly inside. :)

Holy crappage... and googling just "eiram" nets you my page on the first page of Eiram references. If that makes sense. I also just did a calculation to bug Lucas: this here site is only 144 hits behind unCultured, which had just under 2000 hits when I first started writing to it, the same day that I started posting here. I got popular! *grin*

I'm seriously squiggly over this. Damn... I know it's sad and lame and whatnot, but this kind of stuff just totally makes my day, even if my fish *are* plotting against me.

Back to the article, if gord and Angus would stop distracting me. ;)

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