Okay, now I'm going to bed Digger, I promise.

I've done some job pursuing, we'll see what comes of it. A couple of things I've tried to chase down recently would've been pretty good for one reason or another, but this last one... oooh, it could be totally perfectly what I've been saying I want to do. *crosses fingers* Here's hoping that my first submission wasn't too boring or my second wasn't too risque.

On the risque note (okay, not really), I've finally got a new article up. Here's hoping it marks a trend... and you're always encouraged to give me topic ideas or to start up conversations with me about sex. Hell, one of the last times I spoke with one fan/acquaintance it was to answer the question, "Do you find giving head to be erotic?" -- that was how the conversation started, essentially. Then there was the infamous evening of the friends disappearing to anser one of nature's calls... but staying in front of the computer. Funny, funny. :)

Anyhow, I'm very very tired and stupid, so I'm off to bed. Wish me luck in the random job applying, please and thank you. :)

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