Ngah. No more staying up late. Hahahah. :P Like that’ll stop me.

Sorry about the lack of updates (or the pitiful ones); I’ve been crazy busy and simply uninspired about sitting down and writing it all out.

Let’s see, what was the last bit I wrote? Wow, Thursday. Okay, quick rundown of the days since:

Friday I got my nails done (as I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now), then went home to dinner with the folks. I picked up Ben from work, and he and I went grocery shopping for our dinner extravaganza the next evening. After his shift was over, I picked up Moose from work, and wound up hanging out until 5 in the morning. I was pretty zonked around that point, so I finally got in the car and pointed it towards home.

Saturday I overslept, and then was informed that due to my lateness in getting home that night, I had to shovel the driveway. I haven’t shovelled in years, so I guess it wasn’t that bad. It took less than an hour, if nothing else. So, shovelled the driveway, and then applied myself to making dessert. I made a chocolate pudding from scratch, and then used it to fill cream puffs. They didn’t turn out quite as well as I would’ve hoped, mainly because the pudding was still quite liquid and they sat for some time, so they were somewhat softer/chewier than they should’ve been, but it all worked out.

Eventually got my act together, went and got Moose and his brother from their respective workplaces and showed up at Ben’s place, where preparations for dinner had begun. We had a fantastic lasagna (cooked by Ben), garlic bread with cheese or without, a Caesar salad, and some wine. Then, after it was all over, we had the cream puffs and some fruit salad that Ben’s gf had made. I was stuffed.

Moose and I wound up watching television until midnight, while I waited for my stomach to settle. We caught pieces of Orgazmo and Mad TV, all depending on what my mood was when I was flipping channels. I called my folks to say I didn’t feel like tackling the roads home (as they were pretty bad on my way over), and then Moose and I applied ourselves to the dishes that everyone else had abandoned. Those took about an hour to take care of, and then we just crashed.

I drove him to work in the morning (he had to be there bright and early), and then I came home and basically crashed for an additional hour and a half on the couch downstairs. Before I fell asleep, Digger was attacking the ties on the sleeping bag that I’d pulled over myself; I thought it was kinda funny.

Wound up just goofing around on Sunday, waiting for various people to clear out of the bathroom or stop running laundry so I could have my shower, then got in the car and went to go say hi to Moose at work. Got the most perfect parking spot yet – directly across the street from work – and went inside to chat with Char for a bit before my shift started.

I got to continue my soup diet yesterday. No, I’m not being serious when I call it a soup diet. I’ve just been eating a fair bit of it lately because it’s a quick meal and, at least prior to this week, it’s been *freezing* around here, so I’ve been enjoying cheap, warm meals. Work went pretty well, until I had this one nutjob to deal with. In fact, here’s the description of what happened that I emailed to my boss:

“He called during (what’s regularly a really busy time anyhow), just as I was about to go into a Buddy Holly tribute that involved me switching CDs and getting them ready basically every two minutes. He wanted to know why the hosts weren't honouring Mick Jagger. I said that they best thing to do would be for him to email them, he said he was visually impaired and that wasn't possible, so I said that I'd pass his message along, but that I was busy and couldn't talk to him.

He started saying he realized that and rambling about something or another, so I again stated that I was busy and hung up. He called back no less than 8 times; sometimes I simply put him on hold, other times I answered it and told him I was busy, then hung up.

He told me at one point that he was mad at me for hanging up on him; I told him that I had repeatedly said I was too busy to talk and hung up again. I think at this point he said he'd called (the big boss).

At one point he asked for my name, I said it was the same thing it always was when he called; he asked again, I gave it, then he asked for my last name and I refused to give it. Repeated I was busy doing my job, hung up. He called back a final time, told me that he wanted my last name, then said I was ignorant, rude, and that he was calling (the big boss); I said, "I thought you already did?" and he said he was calling again. Then he said, "Y'know what? Your ass is grass and mine is a..."; knowing what comes next, I hung up again. That was the last time he called.”

Gnah. I hate that man to begin with, and then he does crap like that…. Argh. Moose was there to see it all, too; he’d shown up to surprise me and got to sit and watch me work. Very boring stuff.

Afterwards, drove back to Moose’s place, hung out and played Luigi’s for a bit – finally got to figure out how to unlock those two damn doors. I have to admit though, I cheated; I went and looked online, which I’ve done for a couple of the ghosts. I’ll go back and improve the second game I started, since there’s another room I didn’t check out. Moose had fallen asleep on me, which I thought was funny. We went upstairs, then both fell asleep and wound up waking up around quarter after 4, so I drove home and tried to sleep.

My mind was just buzzing, however, so I couldn’t seem to for awhile. This morning I woke up to hear that damn ad for the show about mosquitoes, and I’ve been up since. Markuk called me last night, so we chatted for a bit; he got into town earlier in the week, and we made plans to get together later. They’re tentative though, since they hinge on whether or not I can get my act together this week and get some papers written. I have two due; one on Thursday for mystery novels, 1000-1500 words; the other is due Friday, 3 pages, but I have to do a whole crapload of reading for it, since I’ve only read I think 1 article for the class. :P I’ve been doing my English reading and the Occult stuff for the last while. English has been somewhat hectic; even though the stories may be short (although The Moonstone certainly wasn’t), finding the time to read them on top of everything else can be somewhat tricky. Read: frustrating. It doesn’t help when I’m driving everywhere, too; I’m used to having the bus time to get readings done. And I haven’t even been sleeping on the buses lately, either! Argh.

Anyhow, it’s time for me to get moving now. I have to get some breakfast into me, and shower and all that other fun stuff. I hope this update makes up for the ones I haven’t been doing, and I promise, I will be writing an article soon. I know I’m beyond overdue on that one. :P

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